Tuesday 18 October 2011

Lou 1 - Sod's Law 0

Good day today, so far: Good weather, hot and blustery with rain all last night, (night rain is sooo convenient,) watering in my 300 or so strawberry plants.

Discovery that parent's evening is not tonight, is also wonderful news - must amend diary.

Also discovery that an evening social was postponed from this Wednesday, (OMG totally forgot that it WAS this Wednesday!!) to the Wednesday after half term, is wonderful news.

6yo's meltdown about getting 7 x 2 wrong in test may be unfounded according to teacher. Phew!

Daughter's school coat found - thank god for labels. BTW, super service from these guys http://www.nameitlabels.co.uk/

My Blackberry and Plum jam complimented (and several pots requested) by school mum.

8yo's Birthday pressie arrived by courier, (for Thursday,) henceforth she shall be named the 9yo! Yikes!

Lovely thank you from a friend.

Tesco arrived at 9:05 in a 9am - 11am slot.... wow! Shopping put away by 9:45am, wow-wee.

All the above was completed before 10am. Seriously, you may not be interested in my achievement today but I HAD TO WRITE IT ALL DOWN FOR POSTERITY, [indoor voice please] I'm sure it's unlikely to happen again!


  1. What a serendipitous morning! Well worth writing down.

  2. I'd take it all as some sign of whatever the opposite of the apocalypse is! :) Good vibes and harmony?

    As for that jam? I MUST HAVE IT! Yum! I love jams. And chutneys. If I had to I could survive on just jam and chutney for a severely extended period of time. I'm just saying. In case it happens and I require your expertise.


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