Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Near.....[wipes brow] -ly Finished....

Kitchen is almost finished, just some touching-up left to do on the painting front. It has taken the best part of a month, Hubby and I working at night and weekends, but we're proud of our results.

So, just 15 more similarly sized spaces to complete in the house then..............[blank stare]

Anyhoo putting the finishing touches to the kitchen is the fun bit: We're off to procure curtains and a big clock this weekend and if we have time we'll go to the best lighting shop in the whole wide world. Legacy Lighting near Ludlow is the most wonderful treasure trove ever.

To find Legacy Lighting one must drive through Ludlow's Race Track (horses of course,) while trying not to run over a golfer. This is the road to Much Wenlock, [the setting for the fantastic book Born out of Wenlock by Catherine Beale - about William Penny Brookes and the British Origins of the Modern Olympics. Amazon 2011]

After twists and turns, Legacy Lighting may be spied, (if you haven't already passed it,) in what can only be described as a green shed set back a meter or so from the road.

When Hubby and I first visited this workshop/show room one damp Sunday in December we were amazed. The owner was about to close up and her dog was patiently waiting for a walk, lying on a cushion in front of a stoked log burner....

'Come in, come in,' she urged.

Our mouths dropped open at the jewellery dropping from the ceiling. Chandelier after chandelier with gorgeous Italian glass and on every wall antique fittings and fixtures. There was every conceivable style and age of unique lights. (Although maybe that's not true, I didn't see anything similar to the stuff you see in B and Q.... hoo-ray!)

We were there almost 40 minutes (poor dog still waiting patiently,) and saw several pieces that could work for the kitchen. We can't go too bling, as the ceiling in the kitchen isn't that high and we might be done for manslaughter, but surely there might be a little chandelier that might suit.... surely?

I'll let you know how we get on this weekend. 

The Archers at The Larches

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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Snowy and Moon