Friday 2 August 2013

And now we are three.....

Home from swimming and I wondered why Annabel had a crow beneath her...... ! Glasses on Lou, sheesh!

Oh, not a crow, a beautiful baby girl. She has been named Shadow by the 10yo. Great name.

A marvelous picture by the 8yo

I had asked several experienced alpaca breeders what the term for an alpaca birth was. With sheep it's lambing (obviously) and I wondered if there was a special term for alpacas. Rob Bettinson of Toft Alpacas told me that he's heard it called creation, (ha ha) but best of all he's heard it described as unpacking. Lovely.


  1. My friend had 2 alpaca births the same week as the royal birth - neither were called George! Love the name of your baby she looks adorable.

    1. She is the softest-feeling thing I ever did feel. Annoyingly we had the worst weather ever yesteday night with hailstones the size of a thumb fingernail! Weird weather - hope she will be ok after being wet all night.


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Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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