Tuesday 24 September 2013

Half Term Ideas: Trevella Park, Cornwall....

I'm an organised goddess this school year. Gaze at me in awe, never have I been more ahead of the game....... if it lasts till Chrimbo I'll be gobsmacked. All the children's clothes are labelled, we haven't forgotten a guitar, sports match, Birthday. I've pre-booked dinner parties, Birthday parties, Christmas hols AND I've even MADE a Nigella inspired Christmas Cake which I feed weakly weekly. I am Superwoman by Shirley Conran (incidentally, do you remember your mothers all raging about how good this book was in the '70s? I'm determined to read it, needing tips on household management... 1p on Amazon!)

My zen-like skills were honed during the summer when the sproglets and I camped with two other mums and their broods. Having planned, and that my friend is the key; planning! having planned to camp during week 1 and 2 of the hols we were chilled, relaxed, content, smug even.


There was no one about, it was fantastic. The sproglets played, chatted, laughed and the mums drank wine, explored intellectual subjects such as the latest top gadgetry from Lakeland, Ikea food and the reason why Bodin continually send costly catalogues in the post, even though we just light our fires with them.... Y'know, imponderables...

Anyhoo, I have since been determined to continue with my euphoria of forward bookings, ensuring a vague sense of control rather than the surprised look I seemed to have all last year. So I was delighted when Trevella Park in Cornwall enquired whether we intrepid Archers might consider a stay in a Luxury Caravan for our half term holiday.

Would we? Yes in-deedy.

Close to Newquay Beach and its quaint seaside town, Trevella offers a beautifully appointed site from which to explore Cornwall. From May to September it boasts a heated swimming pool, though in October I think we'll be more interested in blustery walks along the beaches and rock pool adventures. There's an Adventure Playground on site and, for those in need of the outside world (not I) Wi-Fi is on tap. For those keen on fishing their two fishing lakes offer a challenge and for the softer hearted the Pets Corner is just the ticket.

It was a bit tricky to find a house, alpaca, sheep, cat, chicken sitter for half term (and not at all easy to say) but I've done that too. Sighs smugly. So we are set.

Having bragged at school about our intrepid adventure I feel there may be a convoy to Trevella Park... thank gawd we're already booked in.

Right, I'm off to read all the paperwork now and check out the 50 Inspiring Activities suggested by Trevella in Cornwall.... may be a bit of a stretch for 4 days but hey, we're up for the challenge. Eden Project here we come.

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