Monday 19 May 2014

Catching one's breath......

Blimey is it May already? Mid May??? ..... Gosh.

When I last wrote we'd had 3 lambs and though I'd had no sleep, we Archers were broadly happy and healthy. This heath check extended to humans, sheep, alpaca, chickens and cats. Check.

On Sunday 13th April our last, and most huge, of our ewes decided to lamb. Snowy waited till I'd had a full night of broken sleep before lambing at 9am Sunday morning. She popped out two lovely boys with minimal assistance from me. Fab.

Two days later and the 11yo noticed an issue: The 1st of Snowy's twins was turning into a goat. His ears were flopped by the side of his head, giving him a very kid goat appearance. He was also on fire with a fever. Even with an injection of antibiotic he didn't really improve and so my sleepless nights continued as I napped on the couch in the kitchen, a small sickly lamb beside me. (In a dog crate I hasten to add. I'm not THAT soft!..... )

Having sworn I would not raise cade lambs this year, I was saddled with one! The children convinced us that buying another cade lamb would be best, so that this little one wouldn't be lonely in the stables. All of a sudden I was a full-time carer again, milk maker and mucker-outer for two babies.

May I say that some lambs' table manners are appalling.

With plenty of milk, a cool environment and advice from the vet, the little chap made it through, though of course, by now his mum had rejected him. I was the new Mummy on the block.

Anyhoo, I'm pleased to say he's all better now, he lives with the flock, sleeps in the hay box in the field shelter! and potters around with his purchased pal.

The pal lamb we purchased was a baby girl but the 11yo, (clearly the brightest in the Archer clan,) has since noticed that it is a boy..... It's tricky this farming malarky.

Sex-change cade followed by sickly cade....

H&S Advice: How NOT TO feed a strong cade lamb.....

H&S Advice: I rest my case....

Painted nails are a MUST!

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