Thursday 17 September 2015

A glut....

Well, after a lovely long summer holiday with the sproglets, the animals, festivals and socials it's a shock to be back to the school run. The summer has been interesting weather-wise up here on the Shropshire Hills and we've certainly had enough rain, unlike those who live in the south and east of the UK. That said, we've had stunning crops thanks to the warm weather, soft precipitation and, of course, Lou's Poo from the alpaca.

I turned my back for a few days to get set up for Glee at Birmingham's NEC, the UK's Retail Gardening Show and this is the result!! 14 courgette/marrow monsters. It must be 'Ratatouille Time', a favourite mid-winter, nice and hot with extra Tabasco and home-made caraway bread. Yum.

The figs are so plentiful this year as are the raspberries, there's nothing better than a raspberry smoothie for brekkie so I'm squirrelling some of those away in the freezer.

Soon it will be time for tupping so I must pop off today and get some extra lick buckets for the chosen ewes before the gass starts to lose its prime goodnes. Though lambing is hard work, there really is nothing like it on a cool early spring night, I think its the most wonderful experience and one this ex-Londoner is thrilled to be a part of.

Ah well, lots to do, Lou's Poo orders to pack, animals to feed, land to manage; must off, let's chat again soon....

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