Monday 20 December 2010

Not Good. Bad end to a good day.

We had a great day today, sledging, art and craft, I even claimed back the playroom. It looked beautiful. Oh yes, good day. The snow really started to fall too, it looked wonderful.

The playroom looked so good I thought I'd evict the kids from the kitchen where their school desks have moved to; complete with glue, Plasticine, sellotape, paper, scissors, everything arty, plus Lego.....and then there's the glitter.... .... shudder!! I wanted my kitchen back..... to be kitchen-y.

I called Hubby;

'Come home now, the snow's really bad' I pleaded.

'I will leave soon, but I've got to finish this meeting,' he said. 'But my battery's almost out on my phone so I'm switching off now in case I need it desperately later.'

I lit the open fire for the sproglets in the playroom, using up a shake of the old coal from the derelict cottage, I stuck a Santa movie on the 'video machine' .... yes they really DO still exist and settled the kiddies down on the big old sofa.

Soon the smoke started and started and started and billowed and plumed and engulfed the room then the hall and then the hallway.

It was so bad I googled how to put out a wood fire before finally chucking a huge bucket of water on it.

The house smells awful. I want to cry and I can't even contact Hubby.

My throat is raw but the babies are fine I tucked them in the kitchen while the inferno stank my house out.

Sometimes life sucks.


  1. Oh god Lou, what caused that do you think....blocked chimney or maybe wet coal. After all your hard work too. Sue x

  2. OH NO!! That's awful, Lou! I hope you can get the smell out soon. Smoke is the worst. Perhaps you can call the fire department for tips on how to get the smell out of furniture - I'm guessing they'll know.

  3. Lou, get the flue checked out! What a horrid thing to happen and something like that really is the end esp when you cannot get hold of your hubby...I know exactly how you feel! {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Blocked flu I bet. No consolation though. Get a fan and open one window to air. You'll probably need to clean off the surfaces, and stick all removable drapes, pillow cases in the wash. Failing that, it might be worth getting a carpet and house cleaner for the day.
    My heart goes out to you

  5. Oh No Lou, is the flue blocked? What a nightmare. Hope things are better today

  6. Smiffy: Blocked chimney AND wet coal I think.

    'Cross the Pond: Very depressing when it happened and v frightening...

    Tattie Weasle: Flue definitely the flue... grrrr.

    Legend in his own lunchtime: Blocked flue; ice. Obvious really. V annoying.

    TheMadHouse: Much better today, thank you.

  7. Oh no! Yes that does suck.

    But your red chairs are pretty - and now they're mended!! :-)


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