Wednesday 9 March 2011


When we moved to The Larches it was clear many of our previous gadgets were rendered useless. Anything electrical for the garden was laughable...even our trusty old Dyson had a heart attack and keeled over.

We replaced said vacuum with a new Dyson, a sexier model that claimed to eliminate germ warfare..... or some such alchemy... It cost more than my first car! Briefly it seemed OK and the house looked cleaner but gradually I decided it just wasn't as robust as the previous model.

Yesterday the lack of suck sucked!

'You'll have to look at the hoover,' I said to hubby last night. (He who had chosen the purple Ferrari for the house...)

'It's useless.'

Turns out that, once in a while you're supposed to wash the filter........ I knew that! ....Just forgot to do it... for 15 months!

Normal dust extraction is resumed.

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  1. Anything that costs that much should be able to wash its own filter, don't you think?!


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Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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