Saturday 30 April 2011

Wall Street at The Larches....

I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open...

The weather's been great and we've almost finished the allotments (6 long planting beds 30' by 4', surrounded by grass walkways and an incarceration of rabbit proof fencing.) 4 beds are filled with potatoes the rest I plant tomorrow with beans, peas, pumpkins and tomatoes.

Thank god for the wedding yesteday as it gave me a chance to sit down and weep....partially due to the lovely spectacle and partly due to my aches and pains from planting, fencing, turf moving and most especially from lugging boulders...

The new allotments are a considerable distance from the house towards the back of Home Field but I could still see the sproglets in the swimming pool. (OK, OK it's a blow up from Argos, I just liked the sentence.)

Anyhoo a little time had passed after they ran off to dry and change while hubby and I continued our peasant toil in the heat of the sun....

I noticed her jaunty walk first. The I'm chuffed with myself saunter. The 8yo approached us and as I watched she punched the air in victory.

'Yeah!' she said when she reached us. 'Look.'

From her pocket she produced .50p.

'Where did you get that from?' I enquired, worried.

'We're selling things on the bridlepath, we've got a table and chairs and everything and a lady just bought one of my painted shells. She's on holiday.'

O.M.G. my children are stopping unsuspecting ramblers and holidaymakers on bikes....... AND MAYBE EVEN LOCALS (breathe, breathe.)

I thought of something to say to make this better....

'Awesome. Get some of my tomato plants from the greenhouse and sell those too,' I heard myself say...

'Oh we've already got those, and your herbs....'

Excellent. We're growing entrepreneurs.

Total sales today..... .50p. It's a rural pitch....


  1. Well done sproglets! Could egg sales be in their futures?

  2. Maybe they will earn enought for a gardner.

  3. Watch out for the jewelry. That'll be next:)

  4. That's awesome! Okay, so you've got the fresh herbs. Or had them. You win there. But beef really needs aging, so I'm not sure you win that argument. :-)

  5. Fantastic! Never too young to be an entrepreneur. Tell her to keep any eye on the money tin though. I once sold runner beans at the end of our road (I was about 8, too) and went home for lunch leaving the beans and the "honesty" box. When I came back everything was gone!


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