Saturday 12 November 2011

A Poem Salvador Dali would be proud of...

The 9yo wrote me a Love Poem...

We can be thankful for a few things in life; one's health, the love of a daughter and spellcheck...

Love Poems!
Lovers! are very kind
But lovers are pipel hou
love you
Oranges! are very sweet like
pipel. I lov oranges
Vioulet! is a coular. I love
vioulet it is very light
Eleffhunts! are fany, they have very 
long noses


  1. The uninhibited spelling adds to the charm and does not diminish the communication one iota.

  2. No greater love have man than mother and daughter

  3. English Rider: I agree... plus I'm not going to knock her lest I get left off the Love Poems List!

    James: Exactly!


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