Tuesday 23 July 2013

Washing sheep.... and other diversions for children on holiday....

Summer holidays and there is no room for 'I'm bored' at The Larches. The merest hint of a glazed eye or request to watch something on TV before 7pm will instantly result in a task, (generally linked to poo.) Today's task was lamb washing.

We are soon to partake in our very first agricultural show in which the sproglets will show their lambs. I must confess that the training isn't going well, as soon as we put the halter on Coco, the 10yo's lamb, she turns into a marble statue and point blank refuses to move. This, interestingly, is the direct opposite to 'Bino, the 8yo's lamb, who immediately turns into Usain Bolt dragging boy behind her.

Should be embarrassing interesting, as the attendance figures for the show are usually 20,000. I'm pretty sure I know all 20,000.

Lamb washing instructions.

  1. Use water only. We have discovered that the brush to wash the wheels of the car, (and attaches to the hose,) is perfect for the job.
  2. Wear washing up gloves unless you like the feel of squishy poo between your fingers. [NOTE: Don't use gloves that will later be required for dish washing! - Mum x]
  3. Coax lambs into a small space and lock them in
  4. Expect to get dirty as the lambs get cleaner

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