Tuesday 4 March 2014

A Spring day at The Larches....

Mahoosive spawn this year
'Hello Grass, it's been a long muddy winter..'

Nigella seedlings

Broad Beans... delicious young

Perpetual Spinach

Lupin for colour this year

Figs are growing well

Chooks a'chookin'

Delightful Caramel

Shadow and her shadow


Fudge and Darcy

Annabel (the Boss)

Hot-bed of yucky love stuff - hence the spawn!

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  1. Very impressed with all your growing things - I've got the compost and the seeds - haven't just got the two together yet.

    ...and frog spawn. I don't think the frogs have started yet at the top of Long Mountain. I'm just delighted to see the days getting longer.

    1. I've been eating the baby spinach leaves and pretending I'm in a fancy starred restaurant - baby veg is all the thing according to my BBC Farming podcast!

      Seriously never seen as much spawn as there is today and by the look of the swirling pond, there's more to come... pardon the expression.


The Archers at The Larches

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Snowy and Moon

Snowy and Moon