Monday 31 March 2014

Night shift......

My shift began at 11.30pm tonight, having gone to bed at 6.30 pm. The Hubby had been on shift for the early part of the evening but needs to sleep now, as he's got a real job! Yesterday's shift of almost 17 hours had taken it out of me purely because it had begun at 2am. Wimp! I can only imagine how sheep farmers with 500+ sheep feel at lambing time.

It's now almost 1am on Monday morning and I've already birthed 3 chicks! Ok, ok.... I s'pose technically I just noticed them through the glass top of the incubator but hey, I've been caring for them for the last 21 days. There are 16 eggs in the bator, all Salmon Faverolle, so just another 13 to go. Hope we make 100% but it's unlikely.

In the barn the sheep are settled. It really doesn't look as if we'll be lambing tonight. Saturday evening's arrival, a healthy, beautiful, grey, boy, is growing steadily with regular feeds from mum Moon. He's even started doing those funny little lamb jumps. I can't wait till we turn him and mum out and he gets to frolic in the field. That's a day or so away yet and reminds me that I really must check the weather for the next few days.

Tonight the evening is as calm and warm as it was last night. A blessing.

Note to self: In the next hour when I toddle up to the barn to see the maternity ward, I must set up the brooder and turn on the heat lamp. The chicks will need to be turned out of the incubator quite quickly as there's really not enough room for 16 in there. In the brooder, a converted glass cabinet, set on its side, where the glass panes act as a viewing gallery for we custodians, these new arrivals can lash about and grow strong.

By the way, my apologies for the typos, incorrect use of words etc in any of my recent blog posts, particularly the Mother 's Day Thank Ewe blog post..... I can only offer the excuse of mega-tiredness..... Bear with! At least it is the Easter holidays already, so no need for school run....

I realised I ate very badly yesterday AND I missed out on the fab pub meal with my children and the MIL because I wanted to stay with the sheep, but a tin of Foxes biscuits and an authentic Korean pot noodle came a close 2nd!!!!! Right now (at 1.10am) I realise I'm starving and so have set a pot of last season's, home-made, frozen ratatouille to simmer on the stove. It's full of tomatoes, courgettes, onions, garlic, chilli and other goodness and should do the trick nicely. I might even have crusty bread and salted butter... steady!

Sleep tight and I'll update you tomorrow.

Lou x

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