Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Day Off

Husband took yesterday, Friday, off. He timed it well, it must have been the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching a balmy 27°. Scorchio for the UK! We were due to take the kids to Alton Towers (Autumn Towers according to the 5yo) but the Tesco vouchers didn't reach us in time, so we stayed home instead. Actually I was pleasantly relieved: The hottest day of the year + millions of families queuing for sickening rides + traffic + rubbish burger/pizza and chips vs roiling fields + breeze + rides in Dizzy Disco + golf + the blow up swimming pool.....really!? No competition...

Husband's a workaholic so he set to, cutting down the wilderness. We pulled three conifers over; him with the chain saw, me pulling the tree with Dizzy. Not strictly H&S but needs must.

Hawthorn is evil. I've decided. My arms and legs are bleeding from the huge thorns. The spikes penetrating the thickest jeans and sturdiest gloves. I'm enjoying the pain-free exercise of blogging.....

[.....Oh God! He's come to find me get back to's Saturday, day 2 of pain.... Will blog more later]


I'm back. Exhausted. Having borrowed a friend's trailer we have been able to deposit our cuttings on the bonfire. The bonfire that is now easily 20ft tall. Worrying really as this is our star attraction for Bonfire Night 2010.....How big will it be in November? Call the fire brigade now please.

We're out to dinner this evening at friend's house, she's a food writer, Antoinette Savill. Really looking forward to it. Will report back on the deliciousness in a future blog.

Off to check on the chilled Prosecco...night, night.


  1. I couldnt have done a theme park yesterday - out Tesco vouchers are taking an age too!

  2. Kat: I promise we'll thoroughly check bonfire for all creatures before we light it. We did same last year.



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