Tuesday 19 January 2010

My eggs are huge today....

Wit-ta-woo my eggs are big today, well not my eggs but those of my chickens! Must be all the extra corn I gave them during the Siberian spell.

I've woken up old today. Someone must have sneaked into my house in the night and hit me in the back with a cricket bat. I'm walking a little lob-sided. My hair desperately needs cutting and my eyebrows need harvesting. Let's not discuss any other hair areas as it's lunch time (in this part of the blogisphere.)

On a positive note I managed to get the babes into school by 8am. Daughter asked if she could board at school, aparently it's all the rage with her friends. I had mixed feelings, first; obviously, I'd really miss her, second; that room might finally get tidy. It's not an option anyway, I'd have to sell a body part in order to pay for it.

After drop off I drove to Ludlow.
A beautiful little town, nay gastro-centre, where the proper butcher resides. The tiny shop, enough room for maybe three customers, is filled with merry singing butchers. Murder victims hang on hooks street side; pheasants and bunnies fully furred and feathered. I bought lots of good stuff and now have a beef brisket gently bubbling in the slow cooker. Smug, smug, smug - dinner's done.


  1. I love using the slow cooker for meals, but cooking appears to be a lost art among many people, at least it's that way here in the USA.

    Do you wake up old often? LOL! When that happens to me several days in a row, I know it's time to get a new pillow. I always keep new ones on hand so I don't have to suffer long. Works like a charm.

  2. Good idea. Thanks for that, will try.

    Dinner was yummy by the way.


The Archers at The Larches

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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