Thursday 28 January 2010

Rain drops on roses......

So excited, I saw snowdrops this morning in the school grounds; onion green leaves and tiny white bowed heads. Unmistakable. Spring is on its way.

Last night when I picked the children up from school the five year old was tired and grumpy. I passed him the DS and he played with his friends Mario and Sonic in a Winter Olympic wonderland while we sped through the snowless countryside. The seven year old said she felt car sick so I opened her window. Not wanting to be outdone, the five year old (without looking up from his game) said, 'I'm sick too, can you open my window?' I suggested he may be feeling unwell because he was playing DS in the car but he was quick to correct me, (again without looking up.) 'I'm car sick, not Sonic sick!' Lippy, very lippy that one.

We've got a fabric box filled with cottons and silks. Grandma gave it to me thinking I might create Von Trapp style creations for my brood. Wrong! Yesterday evening the seven year old raided the stash without asking. Later I found her with scissors and a naked grumpy five year old in her bedroom. She had lured him into her room under false pretences telling him she would make him a superhero costume. Unfortunately it turned out she was making him a Captain Underpants costume and he was none too pleased. (I knew I shouldn't have read her that book! Back to Harry Potter tonight.) He was stood with his arms folded over his tummy a pink cape secured at his neck with red wool. His eyes said 'Rescue me!' and, believe me I would have rescued him, if only he hadn't been lippy in the car. As I left the room she was quite dominant. 'Stand still! I've got to staple your underpants on now.....' Will the air ambulance get here in time I wonder?


  1. My son loves the Captain Underpants series.

    All right, I admit I like it, too.

    I'm laughing, picturing your bedroom scene, but I cringe at the thought of staples. Yikes!


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