Friday 26 February 2010

I'm locking up my son..the kittens..the chickens...etc..

My daughter the 7yo positively leapt from her bed this morning. She dressed without being asked, fed the cats, brushed her hair and washed her teeth all without a murmur of dissention. I watched her like a hawk desperate for her to make a mistake. She had two bowls of cereal without spilling the milk and then, ah ha! just as I thought I had her, she wilfully took her bowl and spoon to the utility room and put it in the dishwasher. (Huh?) I was gutted.

It was a mighty shame there were no infringements to the rules of behaviour, I was itching to ground her, desperate to send her to her room, to punish her, to retract earlier promises made. I feel these psycho-mum tendencies purely because after school tonight she is not coming home! She is on her first ever sleep-over. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I've met the parents, they’re lovely. So I'm stuffed, there is no earthly reason why she shouldn't go, except the fact that I'm pathetic.

I did try to scupper the sleep-over yesterday, saying 'Won't you miss Mummy and Daddy?'
She was very tactful 'I will miss you,’ she said, ‘but I'll just give you extra love on Saturday when I see you.'
I then stooped a bit low.....'The kittens will be really sad, they’ll reeeeeeally miss you...'
She hesitated at this one but taking a big breath she gathered all her strength and magnanimously suggested that her 5yo brother would be there for them until she returned home. Damn.

In the bath she told me her innermost fears;
'Will A's mother have food?'
'Probably not,' was on the tip of my tongue but I swallowed that down and assured her that there would be food, a big pizza had been suggested.
'Only we're having a midnight feast and I'd like you to pack some foods that I like. Some crackers, tomatoes, cheese, a carrot.....' Oh My God I've raised a Saint!


Her bag weighed 4 ton this morning, hope A's mum is a weight-lifter. Better still maybe she'll call me on my mobile and say the 7yo can't come as she can't fit her and her bag in the car.....must go, I'm off to charge my mobile to make sure I don't miss that call.....actually I'm just wondering if I should I text her and let her know that daughter had diarrhoea about 4 years ago....


  1. Oh my, I have this yet to come and I can feel your aprehension in the post. I dont want the boys to grow up - stamping feet madly!!

  2. Hi there...just stumbled across your blog! I love the way she spells Tomatoes..clever girl..thats exactly how it sounds!

  3. I really don't want to correct her either, I just save her little notes as keepsakes for later....I also like 'peas of bred...' priceless.

  4. Half of me wants them to grow up the other half doesn't...have yet to suffer the joys of the sleepover away from home. Long may it last!


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