Monday 22 February 2010

My sledge...the car

Sod's Law:
To recap; as we all know the weather has been pretty bad here since Christmas. The children nearly drove me demented after almost 6 weeks of extended Christmas holidays as we were trapped in sodding Santa's wonderland!!! So we did it, (deep breath) we purchased a bloody 4x4 from the auction in order to ensure we would always be able to escape our rural retreat. Naturally as soon as we did this Spring sprung and I even caught sight of a couple of newby lambs.

Following so far?

As the weather had turned so nice we decided to give the beast, now named 'Dizzy Disco' by the the top banana mechanic cousin. He decreed he would need it for 1 week to fix everything and we delivered it to him last Sunday, approximately 35 miles away.

Therefore it is clearly our fault that the snow returned with a vengeance for half term week, and why it has remained ever since. I ventured out once to buy new school shoes and for a bit of retail therapy at Ikea in Birmingham and was truly scared as I desperately tried to slide home. While we shopped in the city enjoying a cosy 4°, I was blissfully unaware that our neck of the UK had turned into Siberia:

'Hold hands,' I yelled to the children as our 'real' car (not the 4x4) hurtled down a steep incline near Clee Hill. I felt like we were in one of those populated coffins from the winter Olympics, although I had marginally less idea how to control it. We were headed straight for a white van and driver (justice really) who clocked my speed and instantly reversed at top speed with hazard lights flashing. I narrowly missed him by dumping the car in a field entrance. I may have said some rude words and hope desperately that the kids had their TV headphones on high. I was definitely shaking. I am beginning to despise snow.

Finally making it home I had 3 vodkas and decided not to do the ironing (sadly just for that night and not forever more!) I can understand now why people in cold climes drink lots of vodka.....

We got 'Dizzy' back this Sunday and although it's cold, the bloody snow is immediately melting and the sun's come out. I feel powerful knowing that I control the weather for this part of the UK.

The only upside is the beauty of Clee Hill. We went to the snowy summit with some good friends who came to stay this weekend - wow it's stunning, wish you could see it.

Catch up soon


  1. I am glad you have dizzy disco back. it isnt pleasent driving in rural england without a 4 by 4. My inlaws are farmers and it is a must for them. We just skate every where in our normal car!!

  2. I wouldn't mind the skating bit in a normal car if we could only get out of our drive and along our lane...mind you, if it costs just under £1000 (price of Dizzy + mending) to control the UK weather, I think that's pretty cheap!

  3. glad you have got Dizzy - hope its working ok! great weekend and great picture of 'boy on top of the world'!!! he will be chuffed he's made it onto the world wide web!!! xx

  4. OMG There's a blizzard here today, off to school in Dizzy for the first time, shame really as it means I can't control the weather and I was so sure that I could. Boo Hiss!

  5. So glad you have got Dizzy. I still miss my Dora the Disco more than words can say espcially doing the school run on what seems like the Vancouver Bob Sleigh course!


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