Tuesday 17 May 2011

Award Season....

Thank you projectforty for my lovely new award, bestowed upon those bloggers with less than 100 followers. At 97 followers I'm rather hoping I won't qualify for this in the near future..... but hush my mouth you can't count yer chikins 'fore they hatch and I should know, I'm contantly counting mine - we're up to 23 now (don't tell Hubby.)

I'm free to pass on this award to 3 Blogs I love so, drum roll please, here they are:

Bubblegum Diaries @ 56 followers

FatScribe @ 57 Followers

I'm So Fancy @ 89 Followers

Hope you love them too....... BTW if you do like them sign up and become a follower too. xx

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Thank you!!!! I'm humbled to still be in your presence, although I can see you are clearly moving onwards and upwards! :-) x


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