Monday, 16 May 2011

Bloggers Block....

I thought I'd lost my ability to blog but it turns out I had just temporarily mislaid my humour, couldn't for the life of me think where I'd left it. I felt lack-lustre and dull. Checked all my pockets and everything... found the library cards though - result! The funniest things would happen and I would merely observe, unaffected. Last Friday my missing bit turned up, thank the Lord. Turns out I'd dropped it in the school car park, among the crunchy stones and hair grips.

I remember the moment I found it, I was stuffing my wax coat into another mummy's boot, four of us were absconding for the day to the Malvern Spring Show (ahhh bliss.) Driving Mummy closed her boot and Cool Farming Mummy commented that she was looking forward to travelling in a Volv, as previously she'd only experienced the ride quality of a Volvo. Driving Mummy giggled while assuring Farming Mummy that she still had the O safely tucked away.... That's the kind of funny that appeals to me, so I mentally bent down, rummaged in the stones and reclaimed my funny bit, slipping it back into my pocket where it belongs.

Expect humour in future blogs, but at the mo I'm just limbering up, trying to remember how to bluudy write. Small steps, small steps.....


Malvern Show was ab-sa-lootely brill. Best day out I've had in ages: 4 funny women (I'm included as I'd reclaimed my mojo by then,) a field, plants, food, alcohol and minimal rain.... Perfect day really. AND I saw James Alexander-Sinclair.... he looked totally different to how I'd imagined him. Not bad, just different. Gorgeous voice on the radio.... sigh.... 

Book Club was good, always much more fun when the book choice is liked and disliked equally; Room by Emma Donoghue stirred things up. We had a rather tame meeting when we read The Help!


The Larches Shop is going well..... for the children! They have negotiated 25p per day per child to set up and run the shop. Last Saturday my sproglets demanded minimum wage and then the 8yo's friend needed paying too... I was 75p in the red! Luckily they covered my costs when they sold one strawberry plant and a pot of chives.... Running a Larches Rural Corporation is exhausting.

The Archers at The Larches

Snowy and Moon