Tuesday 24 May 2011

Irresponsible Parents.

I may not be perfect but I do not consider myself to be an irresponsible parent. In actual fact neither am I usually judgemental about others but sometimes you need to stand up and be counted when it comes to protecting the rights of the offspring of irresponsible parents.

Yesterday I did just that.

Would you allow your very young, precious babies to wander about for hours while they cried out for you? No, didn't think so. These parents did!

Would you roam far, leaving your babies in dangerous places where any passing revolting predator could strike? No, didn't think so. These parents did!

Would you leave your little ones out in the chilly wind and drizzly rain while you went for a flying lesson?..... How decadent can you get! No, I didn't think so! These parents did!

Well I don't usually interfere but this time I couldn't help myself. I scooped these babies up* and made sure they were safe from harm.

Then I called the authorities, the NSPCT.... (National Prevention of Cruelty to Tits obviously, no disrespect)

I'm proud to say they survived the day although I was on constant cat watch!

Yikes, the stress of nature.

*Didn't actually touch them, just scooped them up off the floor with my trusty fishing net and popped them up where the pussy cats couldn't get them. Golly gosh they were noisy.


  1. love a good tit story ...

    another classic post. btw, in honor of you (and e.b. white), i am working on a post about some of the animals from my neck of the woods (santa monica mountains). sometime soon. btw, it involves a pigeon, a roadrunner, a coyote (sounds like a cartoon) a mastiff, mountain lion, opossum, fox, tarantula, scorpion, and that's about it ... a cast of thousands!

  2. LOL that made me belly laugh!!! Sometimes you just need to take a stand!!! :)

  3. Horrifying! Firstly the neglect. And secondly that they named their children "Tits!"


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