Sunday 28 November 2010


There was I, deeply engrossed in my NaNo Novel 'The Perrys at the Berries,' when I heard the cat flap, well... flap.

I carried on typing as Benny trotted by.......

Then I saw it...............ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Benny! Get out!

(Oh, I've just remembered, he's supposed to be the farm cat....) Oh yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. Good boy Benny...... Doing a great job. BUT GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN WITH THAT THING!!!


  1. DEAR ME!!! Thank heavens we were long gone by the time of the murder! He's a good cat, however!

  2. That would distract the most dedicated NaNoer! (I'm at 44k and counting... a bit of catching up to do tonight!)

  3. OMG! When we were in France, my mad cat Baz bought me one of his (the rat's not Baz's) French cousins for Mother's Day. Worse still, he was not quite dead and even worse still, he threw it up on the bed for me just for good measure!

    Now, get back to your novel my girl. You are nearly there. Submitting mine and getting my winner's badge was a weirdly emotional experience.


  4. ha ha he does have beautiful eyes tho'

  5. That's good and bad, I suppose.

  6. Hi Lou ...found my way here from Talli's blog - lovely to meet you!

    and absolutely love the house!
    *note to self - coveting is Very Naughty*

    Well done Benny ... just not on the kitchen floor eh?

  7. Can cats be genetically modified to not bring dead rodents into the house? I'm yet to know of one that can be trained not to. I think we need to bring in the big guns.

  8. What a monster!!!
    How did you like your Eat Pray Love?

  9. Having just posted about musophobia on my own blog page today, your picture made me shiver a bit. Our late cat used to bring in presents of mice quite often, only sometimes they were still running about.

  10. One heck of a catch well done Benny - nopw when can he come round ours.....rats everywhere!!!!!

  11. Victoria: Huge really huge, [shudder]

    'Cross the Pond: Very polite cat, no murders while the guests are present.

    Rachel Cotterill: How did you do NaNo-er?

    James: Badass, that made me laugh.

    In Real Life: Exactly!!!

    Previously (Very) Lost in France: Yuk, yuk to rats. We are NaNo girls.... Please come back to blogging, we miss you. Pretty-please????

    Joanna St James: Yes they are a beautiful lime green and his brother's are a beautiful blue green.

    Patti: Yes VERY bad and yet OH SO good!

    Dominic de Mattos: Nice to meet you too. Covet away; the house is great but it is also a bit chilly-willy at the moment.

    This Mid 30s Life: A big gun.... now why didn't I think of that. I could stomp around in my all-in-one thermals [crotch flap closed obviously!] with my sawn-off, looking for the rats.

    Mother Hen: Really neglected Eat, Pray, Love because of NaNo, so will get right back on it. Not too sure of it yet, can't really relate to the story. [My friend said I wasn't miserable enough!!]

    Freda: OMG, can you imagine if that monstro-thing had been still alive. I'd have left home!

    Tattie Weasle: Might pimp him out by the hour!!!


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