Friday 12 November 2010

Curiosity smells awful....

I'm a 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' sort of girl. Don't get me wrong, I do the work, it's just that when I set my mind to doing something I generally like to get on in there, learning as I go along. I'm curious too, real curious. Which is why, this morning I tried to 'candle' my last five eggs. They are now on day 21 + 5.

I found a site on the Internet that told me how to make a candling unit, so, armed with my trusty Diet Coke fridge box (yes, I had to drink all 24 cans in the pursuit of science! Not..... I can never finish a can of coke, can you?) Anyhoo I digress, so with box, high power torch and eggs I ventured down to the cellar.

Couldn't see a sodding thing. But I could smell something really unpleasant.

The Internet had said; discard eggs at 21 + 5, so I did. But it didn't tell you how. I debated for a while but eventually I decided on a post-mortem. I had to know if they had been viable.

Out to the compost bins with rubber gloves I went... (the bins are in a right sorry state I can tell you: Must sort them this weekend.... as well as write 3000 words a day, clean chickens, feed kiddies, supervise a sleepover....)  I gently tapped first egg on wood. A hateful, pongy goo dribbled out, but no chick. Number 2 was the same. Number 3 the same. Number 4 exploded So glad I was only wearing my most lovely pink Crew cotton rugby top. (I recalled a similar incident many years ago: I broke a whole bottle of Nam Pla Fish Sauce over my head.... complicated story...) Gagging, I still had to know about egg number 5....... stand well back..... no explosion just goo.

So it seems that from six eggs, only Archie Archer was viable... Welcome to the world Archie.

Just read on the trusty Internet, that you MUST take out the eggs at day 21 + 5 in case they explode.... wish I read that first and that I wasn't such a 'seat-of-the....-girl' after all!

Must go, sitting here a bit chilly, all clothes in wash. I'm off for a shower.


  1. I almost shared a similar experience my sister had, but didn't want to discourage you. Good luck to Archie.

  2. Urh, wishing Archie all the best!

  3. IT's always the same you get a nice broody a good clutch then only one hatches...I usually candle mine before the event and discard those not viable before hand. I usually filch said eggs at night so poor old broody is too sleepy to notice...Welcome to teh world Archie Arch!

  4. Sorry for the disappointment but at least you have Archie. Can't wait to meet him!

  5. That's why you need to candle your eggs at around day 8 or so and again a week later, so you can discard the "duds" and keep only the eggs that are viable - sometimes a rotten one will explode in the incubator and contaminate/kill the good eggs with bacteria before they hatch...

    Glad you have one chick, at least - are you getting him a chick friend so he has company? a lone chick gets really lonely and will cry in search of a warm buddy to cuddle with...

    ps: we need pics please :0)
    pps: of archie, not your sweater... LOL

  6. James: Presume her eggs either blew up or were empty...tense time.

    TheMadHouse: Thank you m'dear

    Tattie: Candle unit, I definitely need one. Ebay here I come.

    'Cross the Pond: He is soooo cute.

    Technodoll: He's got his mummy, she's the incubator. I don't think she'll let me add day old chicks (which I could buy) to her family unit, do you? Follow the link to see Archie with mummy video.


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