Tuesday 16 November 2010


NaFaWriMo is going really well. (Na.tional get Fa.t Wri.ting in the Mo.nth of November)

Stats to date:

Intake of biscuits - 1654
Slices of cake - 988
Coffee - 19000
Tea with sugar - 17,000
Chocolate Brownies - 1800
Crisps - 1300
Wine - Yes, constantly...oh, y'mean how many bottles........ ermmmm quite a lot!

Suggested cumulative intake per day - 34,000
At this rate you will keel over on  - 5th December 2010

Days till target weight and/or heart attack - 14


  1. ha ha at least you are happy the is nothing like a sugar buzz

  2. Have you thought about leaving out the sugar in your cups of tea? Just a thought. ;)

  3. Yeah I'm always surprised when I see famous writers and they're not, like, 20 stone. I guess they must survive on caffeine alone. As for me, I need a glass of wine and a large bar of chocolate just to get a sentence down!

  4. Lou, I've done it, I hit 30,000 words (of largely incomprehensible rubbish) today. I haven't had time to eat.....or clean, or iron or do much work. I'm more likely to disappear under a pile of unironed clothes than a vastly fat behind. Monsieur Marmite has stepped up to the plate and spent all yesterday ironing while I wrote in the morning then went out for lunch. I think he needs to speed up a little though as the pile doesn't seem that much smaller. Am I being terribly unfair?

  5. Best time of the year! yey! ;-)

  6. Joanna: Ate marshmallows before bed last night.... wide awake club!

    Mother Hen: Ah yes no sugar in my tea, sure to lose pounds that way..... and I'd be able to have more cake...[she said with her mouth full]

    Big Mamma Frog: Bugger, now I need a bar of Galaxy... thanks for that.. Weight Watchers keep sending me emails, I fear they are watching the house...

    Previously (Very) Lost in France: We are doing well sweetie aren't we? [Smug grin, dabbing biscuit crumbs off my tear-stained pjs...]

    Technodoll: I'm that disorientated with the writing I've quite forgotten what time of year it is.... really annoying as I have a new bloody greenhouse out there, waiting for my attention, AND hubby's made me a leaf cage so's I can make leaf mould.

    Must go this novel/movie won't write itself!


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