Friday 5 November 2010

Catch up.....

Gawd it's been busy.

I was a bad mother last Sunday; went on strike refused to go Trick or Treating with the sproglets, truth be told I was Birthdayed-out and we'd been to a late night brilliant Halloween Party on the Sat/Sun morning. I couldn't take any more e numbers! By Tuesday they'd worn me down and I phoned the villagers to warn them of our impending visit. Most were very kind, climbing into their compost bins to retrieve mouldy pumpkins, relighting them in their windows and along dry stone walls. I asked very politely if the Hound of the Baskervilles could be put away, at one particular household. Last Christmas I just about got away with my life when I slid down their drive to deliver a Christmas card. I think my huge fake fur confused him and he thought I was a girly dog.... cor it doesn't bare thinking about.... shudder.

Unfortunately it was blowing a hooley (spelling?) on Tuesday night and was also pitch black but the babes dressed appropriately; the 8yo as a witch, the 6yo as .... spiderman of course... My witchy hat kept blowing off but we got loads of stash. We were quite like real witches as Ben, our James Bond cat, came everywhere with us, our own familiar familiar...te,he.

I've been tippy-typing furiously for NaNo and am up to almost 10,000 words. Sometimes I liken my search for the right word or phrase to my experience of shopping in a supermarket in a foreign land; I know what I want, but I can't quite understand whether the thing I've picked up is it! Anyhoo, I'm having a couple of days off as we've a million pals (possibly slight exaggeration) arriving for Bonfire Night this weekend. It's a child-fest... no. I couldn't eat a whole one either!

Book Club was on Thursday. Sadly we had just four members turn up BUT when those four members (and that's including me) are as opinionated and feisty and fun and groovy as us four, you really don't need much more in a room. We'd finished The Book Thief - I thought it was magical. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I thought of another thing I wanted to say in book club but couldn't, as my brain was not as co-ordinated with my mouth as I would have liked.... so here it is; when I read fiction I read for entertainment, for the lure of the story. I'm happy to be sad or frightened or amused but I don't really want to be educated, I think that's the job of non-fiction. Discuss. Tomorrow I'll probably disagree with myself, but today that is my position.

Dizzy Disco is behaving most peculiarly. I don't ever drive it at night but this week hubby has had my car to pick up some big items we bought and as we're banned from his car I've driven Dizzy to and from school. High beam really is HIGH beam in Dizzy, it lights up the tops of ancient oaks, great for spotting owls... lucky the roads are almost empty 'round here. Plus the car is sounding more and more like a tractor every day.... Think it might need a bit of a look at!

Whitey is still sat on her six eggs I'm really nervous now, as the birth date is any time from Monday. Fingers crossed.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and remember the code: Stand well back.... I think that works well in any situation really.


  1. Well done with the word count! I was not impressed with Eat, Pray, Love. Good luck
    By chance do you know how long Chickens live for??

  2. WEll done with the word count!
    I didn't think much of Eat,Pray,Love but have a go.

    By chance do you know how long chickens live for??

  3. i'm inching around 10k words too, keep at it

  4. Catching-Up can wear you out!

  5. Lou, that's weird, our Disco does exactly the same thing. Is is a Landie thing? It has one headlight pointed practically skyward while the other one points forward. I've managed nearly 4,500 words in 2 days so feeling pleased. Have a good party

  6. Mother Hen: My friend said I wouldn't 'get' Eat, Pray, Love because I'm too happy!.... not sure if that's a compliment or not! I'm getting to the bit where she wants a spiritual leader and a dunk in an ashram... I think my friend may have a point.

    I think most normal self respecting chooks can live to 6/7/8 yrs. But my battery hens are a little shaky. Battery hens are sold for slaughter aged 2/3 I'm told, so maybe they have a shoter life expectancy. Why'd'you ask Oh Hen woman?

    Joanna St. James: Oh yeah! Be my buddy on Nano online, I'm LouArcher.

    Blase: Poor you, it is tiring here at Chez Larches. Have a lie down (alone) in a darkened room!

    Previously (Very) Lost in France: Actually I rather like the view of the tree tops at night. Blimey O'Riley you're doing a good catch up job..... inspired by you I'm up at 6:30am (I was awoken by a naughty cat's kisses!..Husband forgot to close kitchen door) so I'm going to do a little bit before the sun pops up.

  7. Thanks Lou and sorry about repeating myself, I must have thought I was talking to my children or husband at the time. I had a 4 yr old chook who passed away this week with no obvious signs. I thought you might know.


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