Monday 1 November 2010

November already?...

Blimey, it's November! I'll make this short and sweet as I'm starting NaNoWriMo today and I must write my first chapter and 2,500 words!! But while I back up my computer for the next 20 mins I thought I'd chat.

The 5yo is officially the 6yo today and I'm pleased to announce that he has backed off the idea of being called Fizzy-Whizzy. That is a relief, as today is the first day back after half term and we were forced to travel to school in Dizzy Disco (the smelly old Discovery) and, at 7:30am, I just wasn't up to saying
'Fizzy-Whizzy get in Dizzy,' one hundred times....

On the way to school the 8yo and the 6yo had a conversation:

'.........they were punished and had to do lines because they said a swear word,' said the 8yo. 'It was the worst one too........'

The 6yo sucked in breath, horrified by the very thought..... I too held my breath hoping the conversation would stop there. No. Such. Luck.

'What was the word?' The 6yo asked.

'No thank you!' I said looking at the 8yo in the rear view mirror. 'I don't want to hear any bad words!'

'Can't say,' she said to him sadly.

'Bet I know,' said he quietly. '......Was it toilet brush?'

The 8yo's face said it all. 'That's not EVEN a swear word!'

6yo corrected himself..'Oh yes, I know that! Was it Peanut Head?'

She stared icily and I prayed she wouldn't educate him further.

'I'm not even speaking to you now...' was all she could muster.



We had a splendid half term. Friends invited us to their beach house on the Welsh Coast; it was a stunning break but now I'm back, raring to write....

I'll let you know how many words I do daily and keep you abreast of Mummy Hen. By my calculations (always utterly pants!) we may have hatching chicks in 8 days!! Cute.

Have a good day nowwww.....


  1. Hilarious. Peanut Head .... I wish that was a bad as it got! Good luck with the writing.

  2. That's so funny; I do just the same thing when Amy says something similar - swear words and her don't mix!!

    CJ xx

  3. Hahaha, were we ever that innocent? Good God, I can't remember a time when I thought "damn" was a swear word let alone the eff master. :) I long for the days when I used to call people a poop head or a stinker. I might start again. That would be hilarious.

  4. Good Luck, you can do it! When inspired, a novel is a month is easy!! ;-) xx

  5. All the best on NaNoWriMo!!!! :)

    Hahaha! Peanuthead!!! That is really funny! Oh I love listening to children's conversation...they are just so adorable! :)

  6. Well done on NaNoWriMo, I've signed up too but alas, work seems to have come pouring in and I haven't had a chance to start yet. And it's almost Nov 3rd! Eek.

    Good luck, I'll be positive thinking for you :D

  7. I wish mine were still so young that they thought peanut head was a swear word. Teenagers seem to use the flaming f word, s word and a few other choice words in every other sentence!
    Happy writing. You can always throw in a few choice words to make up the word count!

  8. Good luck with the words was going to do the nanrowor thing but just can't type it! Love the swear words by the way...:)

  9. Victoria: Thank you, I suppose the swearing is bound to get worse but peanuthead is my fave for the moment.

    Crystal Jigsaw: I'm sure all mum's can identify with that look we give in the rear view mirror.

    The Vegetable Assassin: You might frighten your readership I dare you to retort in one blog post using just 5yo swear words...

    The English Writer: My bottom doesn't think it's easy or my shoulders. But I am inspired and I am loving it.

    Len: Thank you thank you, keep nagging me for more words, almost reached 10,000 today... phew

    Geoffwakeling: The positive thoughts are working, shame you couldn't join in, maybe next year.

    Mother Hen: What? It gets worse??? They're grounded for a month with just the peanut head phrase, Lord knows what I'll do if I hear Poop Head!

    Tattie Weasle: 'Course you could, or you could just cheer me on from the ether...

    MadameSmokinGun: What yer gonna do, do you know worser words or are you gonna wash his mouth out?

  10. ooo chicks in less than a week now! so exciting!

    ah, the innocence of children is sooo refreshing :)


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