Monday 31 January 2011

Gappy and Firewood....

The 6yo has a wide gap where his two front teeth used to be. The tooth fairy was prompt last night, (thank goodness she had change.) She left yet another, shiny 50p.

Usually the boy asks me to pull out his wobbly teeth. I rather like the role. Hubby would faint if he was asked, but luckily he's good at other things. The boy made me sit in his bedroom and watch, (like a dental nurse, I was there but generally I was surplus to need.) He wrenched out the wibbly, wobbly white peg all on his own.

It suits me to be redundant really, but I watch these moments and realise that time is passing. Indeed it is only with these little moments, that you notice time passing, them growing up, you growing down. .... unless, of course, you're rather anal and count the weekly food deliveries. Since we moved here I've probably had 72 deliveries.... hmmmm..... That's probably £7000 worth of food! No wonder I'm concavely-challenged..........

Although, boy isn't all growed-up just yet. We attempted Jurassic Park last weekend.......

'What's it about?' the sproglets asked.

'Dinosaurs being re-invented by a scientist in a sort-of Euro-Disney Theme Park.'

The opening of the film, if you recall, is a dark scene where the dinosaur security guards are having trouble with a female T-Rex... By the close of the scene, we assume she eats a guard's legs off. Nice.

Hubby and the 8yo were glued to the TV. I was more intent on watching boy. He had a look of horror on his face. We paused the film.

'I'm not sure you're going to like this film,' I said.

'Hmmmmm,' he said. 'I think I will like it, but I just don't want to see any of the bits about the dinosaurs.'

We watched something else.


It was very cold this weekend. No wind, plenty of sun, but cold. I'm getting fed up with the chill actually but Saturday proved an excellent opportunity for a family outing. We drove down our fields in Dizzy, on the look out for previously fallen boughs and dead trees, all good seasoned wood.

To be honest the sproglets weren't that impressed with the trip initially, but as soon as they discovered a previously unexplored strip of copse running alongside two of our fields, they were off. Upon discovering a hidden pig shelter nestling under holly trees, there was even more delight. They marauded while hubby and I filled the truck with wood.

We probably have enough firewood to last us for another 4-6 weeks now, hopefully till the weather warms up a bit. I do hope so, as it's unlikely that we'll be able to drive on the fields for much longer. They're beginning to thaw and with the thaw comes the deep mud.

I had a planting day on Sunday; vegetables, flowers and even a big trough of button mushrooms are all neatly stacked in the greenhouse. All tucked into their various pots and gutters. The only thing that worries me is the deep frosty cold of last night: My greenhouse heater hasn't arrived yet, (should arrive later this week,) and I'm concerned that the seeds might have frozen to death....or do you think they'll just remain dormant till I up the heat? If you know please add a comment below or you could send me a new-fangled tweet....



  1. If they haven't begun to germinate they should be OK. I agree with your son, I've seen a lot of films where the plot got in the way of a good movie. Stay safe and warm.

  2. James: Thanks James. I'll post pictures as the seedlings appear. Fire's roaring today so I'm toasty warm in the kitchen, although the rest of the house is bitter. x

  3. Err, did I just post a comment or not? Can't remember but if I didn't then all I can say is I know nothing about your seedlings. I have, however, identified the mark on the tureen on your English Misfits site. Da naaaaah!!

    Gappy and Firewood sounds like some sort of posh interior designers!

  4. Seeds will be fin, but they will take a hit when they germinat. You could but a light row cover on them and put the seed trays on a bed of bubble wrap until you get the heater going. Some folk over here use a bed of compost to heat young transplants, but you have to amake sure it doesn't get too hot.
    Thanks for the award by the way. I am flattered that you like my blog. I love reading yours too. When I get some spare time, I'll reply and forward the love.

  5. Apologies for the spelling mistakes

  6. Wylye Girl: Big love to you. Do you moonlight as Lovejoy? Cor, he was lush.... sigh..

    Gappy and Firewood; bagsy be Firewood you'll have to be Gappy....we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams

    Legend in his own lunchtime: Bubblewrap eh? There's loads of that here... might try that. Spilling mistooks? Don't now wot yor torquing about!

  7. I just adored the comment about the dinosaurs - the best!

  8. Lou, did I say I put the name of the pottery on a comment on your English Misfits site. I used to collect ceramics, mainly Clarice Cliff, Charlotte Rhead, Susie Cooper, etc so I have a dictionary of marks. I also have The Husband who, because of his work, is a veritable encylopaedia of antiques.

    With love, your friend Gappy xxx

  9. Wylye Girl: Oh yes, got your comment on my English Misfits site and I responded back over there. Thank you, you are so clever. So chuffed it's from Staffordshire, quite close and where hubby works.

    We'll definitely keep the gravy boat - I've got loads of plates and platters too.

  10. I totally get the bit about the cold, only we don't get much sun to go with it LOL!

    Indeed the lack of mud has a price attached ;-)

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all - and yes, enjoy every moment as life whoooooshes by faster than a falling star...


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