Friday 28 January 2011

I'm The Gok Wan of the Countryside.... Yeo Valley, Yeo Valley..

Wow, two very eminent bloggers have nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award: 'Cross the Pond and Tattie Weasle. I love both their blogs and try to catch up daily.

'Cross the Pond gives a great view of London, (and lately other parts of the UK too,) through the eyes of a hard-working professional. She recently moved to the UK from the States with her family and as a mum and wife sometimes she writes happy, sometimes sad, but she always writes passionately and she's always honest. Best of all I like her view of the our history or traditions. A great read.

Tattie Weasle is wonderful. A mum to two boys, she wears her heart on her sleeve sharing with us the joys and heartbreak as her boys grow up. She also has a great deal of humour in her very human posts. Reading her blog is like catching up with a best friend.

So it is with great humility I accept the Stylish Blogger award ...... twice!

As this IS an award ceremony I'm sure you'll want to know what I'm wearing: It is not, I hasten to add, likely to be a strappy, gold lamé affair with a décolletage you could park your bike in! No Sir-ee , it's -3° here and I've just tended t'chickens!

Thermals, wellies and a faux fur to my knees, that's my ode to Vogue. Plus a dashing wax hat at a jaunty angle. It was brown and now is green .... or was it green and now is brown?.... can't quite tell. Anyhoo, that's my indoor clobber, utterly sensible as I'm on a 'save the wood pile for the evenings' drive. 'Tractive eh?

All that I need to do now is thank the award givers (check) :

Then I need to share 7 things about myself that you chaps didn't already know. Hmmmmmmm, tricky! And then I need to award 15 recently discovered bloggers, (I'm also including some of my favourite bloggers under this criteria,) with the title of Stylish Blogger. (I will, of course, contact the winners to tell them of my adoration.)

Seven things, here goes:

1: I was tongue-tied until an op aged 23'ish.... It never held me back from talking but I wanted to eat ice cream better.............

2: I love the film Yentyl.... and sing the soundtrack out loud most days but loathed Slumdog Millionaire and all its hype.

3: I fantasise about being stranded on a desert island, eating fish, getting slim and tanned and finding out what my real hair colour is. I do not crave the company of Christopher Atkins

4: I do not understand Twitter... I have recently added it to my repertoire on the blog and am beginning to feel that it is the antithesis of all I wanted to do on the blog - that is; to write well, conjure scenes, paint pictures with words. It is air space filled with nothing.... or am I missing the point. Please feel free to admonish me if I'm missing something....

5: Rum and butter sweets give me nightmares ........ although......

6: ..... some of my nightmares and dreams have been the basis of some very fine ideas for fiction, even if I do say so myself. And one day, these stories will be published.

7: I have really great friends. They do not number millions, thousands or hundreds, as is the fashion with Facebook, Tweeterville etc, but they are really great and that makes me happy.


Now these bloggers may have won this award before, I make no apologies for nominating them again. It's just that I love to read them. So the wonderful bloggers I choose are:


  1. I don't get Twitter either! I suck at it. I'm trying but it sort of escapes me. I'm thinking of hiring a Tweeter. Maybe the next Nanny can have that in her job description. x

  2. Amazing though your outfit sounds, I think that the gold apparition is definitely for you and I will in-fact,be looking forward to seeing you in it at the next Foxy dinner party!

  3. I don't understand the lure of twitter either. I think of other ways to waste my time.

  4. Thank you for the nod! I'm very flattered. As I've told you before you're living the life I've always wanted. I'm so jealous. I love how you share some of the not so glamorous moments. I hope you do put it all in a book someday.

  5. Like James, but not as eloquently, I too am flattered, humbled and graciously accept this award, although I just finished washing the dogs, and stylish I am not...presently. I welcome you all.

  6. I forgot to say thank you. Thank you!

  7. Awww, Lou, thanks so much for the award! I love your blog, too! :)

    I don't understand Twitter either...presently Facebook is enough for me, but I'm not saying never! :)

  8. I am so chuffed you got the award twice 'cos it shows I have excellent taste! Thank you for your very kind words...slightly lost for them now! me that is, words that is...well you know!!!

  9. Wow! Thanks babe - especially as my posts of late have been been worse than usual on the navel-contemplation front, which always results in cyclic babble. I keep promising myself that one day I'll write something comprehensible - but it keeps coming out reprehensible. Ah well - happy to have such an understanding (or are you just pointing and laughing?) fellow blog-chum. MMMMmmmmwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  10. WooHoooo! Thanks Lou, you da awesome! ;-D

    Although I'm not sure what kind of style I'm rockin' here at the farm mucking out horse stalls and scraping chicken doodoo from poop boards every morning - LOL!

    Um. Does a stained coat, crusty winter boots and mismatched gloves count as stylish?


  11. Lou thanks so much for nominating me. That's really sweet of you. I accept you nomination though I will (if you'll forgive me) just put it on the shelf rather than the blog.

    For the record I loved Yentl, too. But I must have seen it years and years ago.

    Also, do so love the pictures of your house!

  12. Lou, I am astounded (couldn't spell flabbergasted) to get this accolade. As I can't think of anything interesting about me that folks already don't know, this might take me a while to pass it on.
    Thank you. I remember how good it made me feel when I saw your name on my follow list.

  13. Belated thanks for the award! How could I have missed this? You must think me so ungrateful. My apologies. Many thanks. xxx


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