Friday 7 January 2011

Groundhog Day........

Occasionally I read my past blogs, it's funny to see what we were up to at the same time last year. The lovely thing about a blog is that you can easily recall dates and times and happenings from your written history. I'm hopeful it will help me to plant my crops as successfully as last year.

Having done my historical research yesterday I knew, when I opened my bleary eyes at 6am this morning, (Hubby insisted on watching The Ashes last night and still getting up at an ungodly hour for work,) that this time last year we had been completely snowed in. So much so, that the sproglets didn't actually go back to school after their month-long Christmas holiday. No, they had two further weeks off! Delightful.

As Hubby kissed me goodbye this morning, I asked him to leave the bedroom light on: I figured I'd best start rehursing for the 6:15 wake-ups starting Monday..... hideously early but at least life will return to some sort of routine.

The snow has completely gone now, thank goodness, yesterday, in fact, it felt positively spring-like. The onions I planted in October are looking great and the broad beans are easily 2" above ground, each with two pea-green leaves.

My Birthday is on the 14th of this month and unlike last year I'm not planning on having a full snow-bound household. This year I will not be acting as Catering Inc. and Entertainment Inc. These positions will be vacant; I am resigning them after my Christmas stint. This year on my Birthday I plan not to have a house filled with bored kids who are over-sledged, not to have a work-frustrated Hubby, bothersome cats and snow-blind chickens: Larches residents need to be at school, at work, catching mice or digging for worms......  All so I can treat myself to some long overdue writing.... ah bliss...


'Snow's back with a vengeance,' said Hubby returning to our bedroom to change into something more appropriate than a pin-striped suit and brogues.......


It is so bad, he's taken Dizzy to work .........

It should be OK, according to Hubby there's a front of biblical rain following the snow.... Deep joy.


  1. I so love the picture of your header - I always admire it when I come over. Yes, the late mornings over the Christmas break are somewhat of a miss when we suddenly realise it's time to get up, for me it's 7.15am. Sometimes, I find myself wishing my life away and wishing it was weekend so I can have a lie in till about 8am!

    CJ xx

  2. Thank you for the comment on the header. When I have the time I must try to organise some similar shots, one for each season.... but that's time AND money, both in short supply.

    We're on day II of the school run. I drop the kids off in the dark and later I collect them in the dark. Very dulling on the senses. Roll on Spring.


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