Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Writer's Cramp.......

I know I'm not fit to lick the boots of Pam Ayres but here's a little ditty I've been making up on the 60 mile round trip I make for school each day!!.....

Writer's Cramp....

If I didn't write...
There'd be knickers in drawers,
Whitewashed walls and
gleaming floors...

If I didn't write...
I'd be ahead of the game,
Not knee high in washing-up,
Scribing in vain....

If I didn't write...
There'd be cakes for tea,
Sparkly bathrooms,
Time for ME.....
....I'd be make-up'ed and smiley,
My children'd be proud
As I waited, in linen,
'Mongst the parental crowd.....

Instead, I down pen
Or computer or book
And scream at the clock
And huff..
"What's to cook!?"
And charging to school
Wonder where went the hours? -
When I could've arranged
A nice vase, filled with flowers....

But instead I choose words,
Put up with mad hair,
And-so-what if my vestments
Illicit a stare!
If I didn't write...
Yes, my hair would be combed
And my choices in day-wear
Would be more honed....
Would they write on my stone
'Housekeeper Supreme...
..and her white linen trousers were fit for a Queen?'

...So I'll stick to my writing
Ignore laundry, in bags,
Leave dust on the iron
And dress mainly in rags.
Put off washing and ironing,
The making of beds.
Rush the cooking of dinners
Pooh-Pooh messy sheds.

I will feed the cats
And I'll clean out the chooks,
But then I must sit
To continue my books....


Any comments gratefully received...... is there anybody there, there, there, there...........?
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Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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