Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Autumn Towers....

This past weekend we took a trip to Autumn Towers, the 5yold's version of Alton Towers.

The weather was stunning, no breeze and a blue sky. It was an historic occasion - the first time we'd visited an amusement park without a pushchair! We had one small bag with a few lightweight coats which we never wore and a few nibbles; bagels which we fed to the ducks and toffees which we didn't.

It was a super day. The kids were taller, braver, more in awe of the spectacle and even went on little rides alone!

I was loath to get away on Friday, feeling stressed and grumpy I didn't relish driving to Staffordshire on Friday night for an overnight stay in my husband's business residence in Litchfield. The rain wouldn't stop and I was drowned as I cleaned out the chooks. But I dutifully packed the car and, miracle of miracles, as I pulled out of The Larches gates to collect the sproglets from school, my mood lifted. Clearly God felt I needed a pick-me-up too; I switched on radio 4 to hear the announcer say '...and now for Gardener's Question Time' my fave programme! Usually I listen to it as a podcast but live was such a treat.

We ate out on Friday night, TGI Fridays was humming and the kids hoovered dinner. Saturday morning hubby cooked us an English breakfast to die for (literally - but yum.) And Saturday we gorged in the amusement park! I mention the food because usually
  1. I'm cooking continuously and
  2. I have always made a packed lunch to eat in the amusement parks for money saving/holier-than-thou reasons...
It was a totally relaxing weekend. So I'm back raring to go, keen to start a new writing adventure now that my children's book is finished....

....mind you the children are begging for cade lambs this year - cade being the term for an orphan lamb around here, and they'd like chicks too!

We have a large stable free on the 15th. Its horsey occupant is off home. I may well keep it empty for spring lambs.... These will be lawnmowers not 'eating' lambs as the 7yo describes them

'But we will get 'eating' lambs won't we?' She asked hopefully. She's a meataholic that one, she keeps asking about 'eating' chickens too!

We'll see....

The Archers at The Larches

Snowy and Moon