Wednesday 13 October 2010

Giveaway: Cinderella's Coach... (pre-spell!!!)

It's difficult finding appropriate transport to the Ball isn't it? Your gown or tails get caught in the doors of an everyday kinda car and those bloody tiaras scrape the low roof, not to mention the difficulty chaps have with their long, shiny swords! Well, here's the answer: I'm offering you the chance of owning your very own coach, (pre-spell of course.)

Just contact your very own Fairy Godmother, pick up several white mice, a rat and whooosh..... your very own coach, white horses and a footman. You'll be off to the ball in a jiffy.... well not actually a jiffy, more accurately a pumpkin! Not just any old pumpkin either, (Marks and Spencer advertisement voice please...)
this is an organic pumpkin, 
grown by the hands of Lou Archer in a walled garden:
An Archers at The Larches pumpkin.

To be eligible for the draw next Wednesday to win gorgeous pumpkin all you've got to do is:
  • register yourself as a Follower (add your little picture or logo to my Global Friends gallery,)
  • AND add a comment to this post
  • Existing followers need only add a comment to this blog post to be eligible for the giveaway
I'll post the pumpkin to the winner on Thursday 21st October.

Lou will supply a fully functioning pumpkin (the one centre-stage of the picture above.)
If the said item refuses to turn into a coach please sue your Fairy Godmother and not me!
Please note, a pumpkin is not just for Halloween!
Your investment may go up, it may go down but always use appropriate pumpkin carving equipment and don't play with matches.
You have been warned!


  1. What a fine specimen! I think that bad boy has my name on it. Why don't you just cut out the 'it's a competition' crap and just mail it to me directly? I promise to make a nutritious soup out of the innards to feed the poor of this parish.

  2. Fantastic! and very exciting to say the least! now then I'm proud to say I have been a veteran follower of the Archers at the Larches, and looking forward to this giveaway. The arches red carpet princess ball effortlessly reaches all corners of the globe! Where is Joan Rivers when you need her?

    Downloading pumpkin recipes!

  3. I'm in! I'm feeling quite princessy!

  4. I think if our postman had his way it would be pumpkin soup by the time it got to us. Howabout a nice kickaround the sorting office, boys..?

  5. We would do bad things to it. We always do bad things to pumpkins at Halloween. Things to make children cry. Then the carvey things get taken away. Hopefully this year BEFORE they are embedded in a small boys head. They're only going to let me have a spoon from now on. Still, in for a penny......

    I take it you have a very big envelope?

  6. Good lord I hope you have magic powers of transportation to ship that...ship! LOL!

    I may have to plant pumpkins next summer, the chooks here looove them!

    Beautiful harvest :)

  7. Any way you could outfit that pumpkin with wings or a sail for a trip to the U.S.? I'd be the only one in my homogeneous, suburban, tract house neighborhood with a genuine, British pumpkin. What a way to stand out and make an impression!

  8. notwavingbutironing: Dear Soup Dragon, unless you're offering a HUGE financial bribe I'm sticking to the competition!

    natural selection: 'Veteran follower'.... I like the sound of THAT! It's as if The Archers at The Larches has always existed.... cool. I may wear a posh gown for the pulling of name from (top) hat, though hubby said he's not wearing black tie! (Boo Hiss. No fun)

    'Cross the Pond:
    Quiz. Are YOU a Princess?
    Q. Do you hoover in your tiara?
    Q. Do you wear white gloves to cook?
    Q. Do you get cross when you find peas in your bed?
    A. Congratulations, you are indeed a Princess.

    Betsy: Welcome aboard - One step nearer a coach!

    Big Mamma Frog: They'd better not play keepy-uppy with my blood, sweat and toil....btw, I'll wipe the blood and sweat off before I send it!

    MadamSmokinGun: Don't worry, if you win I'll liquidise it before I send! The postman'll think it's a hot water bottle inside one of them there bubble wrap envelopes.

    Technodoll: Any time, any place, anywhere.... I'm the pumpkin pusher.... Oh hang on I think customs and excise are at the door with those nice people from the DEA!!!

    Mary Fran Bontempo: Welcome Mary. Shipping pumpkin to the US is no issue for a gal like moi! Indeedy the journey of pumpkin may be a whole blog post in itself....

  9. Oh we wold love a coach or a pumpkin, since ours didnt grew this year, espeically our very own larches pumpkin!

  10. I only hope it will turn into a coach with a LOT of headroom as my tiara is outrageously large ...

  11. Would love to be the proud owner of the pumpkin! would look lovely on the doorstep during halloween celebrations. We always get a lot of Trick / Treater's so would go down well! Tx


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