Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Giveaway: Cinderella's Coach... (pre-spell!!!)

It's difficult finding appropriate transport to the Ball isn't it? Your gown or tails get caught in the doors of an everyday kinda car and those bloody tiaras scrape the low roof, not to mention the difficulty chaps have with their long, shiny swords! Well, here's the answer: I'm offering you the chance of owning your very own coach, (pre-spell of course.)

Just contact your very own Fairy Godmother, pick up several white mice, a rat and whooosh..... your very own coach, white horses and a footman. You'll be off to the ball in a jiffy.... well not actually a jiffy, more accurately a pumpkin! Not just any old pumpkin either, (Marks and Spencer advertisement voice please...)
this is an organic pumpkin, 
grown by the hands of Lou Archer in a walled garden:
An Archers at The Larches pumpkin.

To be eligible for the draw next Wednesday to win gorgeous pumpkin all you've got to do is:
  • register yourself as a Follower (add your little picture or logo to my Global Friends gallery,)
  • AND add a comment to this post
  • Existing followers need only add a comment to this blog post to be eligible for the giveaway
I'll post the pumpkin to the winner on Thursday 21st October.

Lou will supply a fully functioning pumpkin (the one centre-stage of the picture above.)
If the said item refuses to turn into a coach please sue your Fairy Godmother and not me!
Please note, a pumpkin is not just for Halloween!
Your investment may go up, it may go down but always use appropriate pumpkin carving equipment and don't play with matches.
You have been warned!

The Archers at The Larches

Snowy and Moon