Friday 9 July 2010

Let the Summer Begin...

Kids broke up.... not literally, (I'll volunteer for that activity by week 6 of the holidays.) There will be very little writing time now with the sproglets home. We're going to venture out to explore; there's the Welsh coast and mountains, a myriad of pretty towns, forests and rivers around us.

I also need to decorate. Note the I, not we. I am the painter; possibly having a BA Hons in Art didn't help my case when I claimed to be less inclined towards painting and decorating, look at Michelangelo, Pope Julius II had him doing ceilings!

So now I need to decide where to start........ I think already know the answer, but lets see if you concur. Answers in the comments box please. [Mandatory Warning: There isn't a prize and no animals were hurt in the making of this blog post. Please note that investments can go up and down (although in my experience they only seem to go down) and smoking can damage your health.] There, H&S will be soooo proud.

Please find the contenders below:
(Images taken before we moved our clutter in!)

Sitting Room

Landing Hall and Stairs.... scary height, where the 5yo fell.



The Office


  1. The thing that stands out to me is that out of each window you can see green, how wonderful.Thank you for your comment on my site, sounds like a great plan.

  2. Totally got to be the kitchen!!

  3. I'll vote for the sitting room.

  4. Well they all look in far better decorating condition that the whole of our house. So quite frankly if it was me I would sit down with a beer and not bother. (Though I might slap some white gloss on that colourblind experience of a fireplace between cans {g})

    Some time I will post on my blog a photo of our hall which which desperately needed decorating when we moved in 12 years ago and still hasn't been done. It's a perfect demonstration of why the 'fake woodgrain effect' should never have been fashionable :) Perhaps I should be thankful it was never stencilled!

  5. most definitely the kitchen ! also helloo from a stranger :]

  6. Wow, a right mix of colours there hun...makes the bathroom look normal! I'd say the kitchen first.. have fun. Sue x

  7. I vote for kitchen aswell..... You seem to spend so much time in there at least you can enjoy the fruits of your labour!!! After that what about the smallest room which the cats have taken a liking to hitting on the toilet brush (still makes me chuckle !) love T x

  8. I think that the kitchen will be a big job, those cabinets look in good shape, but oh the pain of prepping and painting them! Hall last, playroom first, living room then kitchen

  9. This is a no brainer for me. Kitchen! Love the AGA and the sink that is there right now. You know how it is? each time you have people over they end up lounging in the kitchen. and these days it is the center of activity.
    And it seems you have the space to prepare food without anyone getting in your way or if someone want to help. You have a blank canvas there would have lots of fun with that. And don't forget a cool place to store your prosecco.

  10. James: These pictures were taken when the wisteria was still alive, strangling the house. We could see big trunks of it draped across the windows! Now we can see the beautiful garden and the fields.

    The English Writer: Yes interesting colours... that green! That purple!! Tempted to start in the kitchen.... but I cannot relax of an evening in the sitting room, so I'm torn.

    Brenda Grolle: Yes, sitting room beckons, too, too red!

    Big mamma frog: You will surely be pleased to hear that the Noddy Toy Town fireplace is on the bonfire! What were the previous owners thinking!?

    Sara Hoo: Hello and welcome! Ah kitchen, yes I do spend lots of time there....

    Smiffy: Blimey! my bathroom normal, perish the thought.. I do, however, see your point. Nothing really normal about this house...

    Tania: Ah yes kitchen again, we doooo spents lots and lots of time there don't we? ... can't do the loo as we're redeveloping that area next year (I hope...)

    TheMadHouse: It is telling that you would do the Playroom first 1. Because you are a lovely mum and 2. Because you are very arty and would have hours of fun in there, making stuff....

    All in all I'm more confused than ever..... pass the beer Mamma Frog!

  11. Paint whichever place you use the least first because painting with a bunch of people trying to use a space is a nightmare, LOL!

    But that's just me :-D

    Your house is beyond gorgeous. My dream home. Ah!

  12. I am spitting with jealousy over the gorgeous proportions of your living room, and that lovely arched window in the dangerous stairwell. Am actually quite excited to see what colours you are going to choose. Do you have a scheme in mind? (Look, not much happens in Tunbridge Wells okay?). I'd vote for the living room first cos a paler colour would maximise incoming light and it would look amazing. (Not Waving sobs into her polyester Primark pillowcase...)

  13. I concur with the kitchen votes, although I love the bright colors of your walls.

  14. Wow wow wow - loving every room. I would start with the sitting (the red) room - are you going to go paler?

    Look at that arch on those stairs!

    Just getting rid of some of those colours - the purple, the green ( hope you don't like them before I put my foot in it) will make the world of difference.

    You lucky, lucky thing.

  15. Technodoll: Good point - probably sitting room come to think of it.
    Notwavingbutironing: Boringly I feel the need to go magnolia throughout, (I could've said Dessert Storm or Sand... but it's all Magnolia really!) and then I might, at a later stage, do one wall in every room in a mad wallpaper. If I can be bothered. Whatyathink?

    bettyl: Yes, kitchen. I've got some dinner parties coming up and I'd rather not frighten the guests so I may start with the kitchen. I'm torn between kitchen and sitting room!!!

    Deer Baby: Don't worry; purple and green are O.U.T. Yuk! Cream, cream, cream I think. With some big mirrors and big art.

  16. natural selection: I'm coming to the conclusion that kitchen is first. Social hub of the house I don't think I can cope with the purple for much longer! I might do the entire thing in stone colour including walls, doors and skirting. The wooden cupboards might just get a crazy colour, may even keep the red but a London Bus red..... whatyathink?


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