Thursday 1 July 2010


Last night I planned to go to a Pampered Chef party at a friend's house. (Allegedly Pampered Chef is like a Sloanie Tupperware Party) I had the whole evening planned out so I could drive the 30 odd miles to the party as soon as hubby returned from work. This was the plan:

1. Put a big cow pie in the oven. Set the timer to cook it to be ready to eat at 6pm (planning see, ahead already!)
2. Take kids to swimming lesson after school (and tire them out, yeah)
3. Feed them said cow pie and steamed veg from garden. (Holy aren't I?)
4. Put kids to bed (ahead of schedule by lying to them, telling them it's really late)
5. Shower and change. Apply make up!
6. As he walks through the door, hand responsibility baton to hubby, mentioning to him that his cow pie is still warm'ish in the oven and then I'm OUTAHERE! Party!

Hmmmph! What actually happened:

1. Set oven timer and temperature but FORGOT to actually put cow pie IN the oven... (grrr)
2. Picked up kids to be told that 7yo had a growth on her head that needed investigating by the doctor asap... (bit scary)
3. Broke it to the 5yo that there was no swimming, (he bawled and bawled, he is The Man from Atlantis.... god do you remember that?!)
4. At doctor's, head pronounced fit and healthy (phew!)
5. Got home to find invisible cow pie cooking.... put a new visible cow pie in oven whilst muttering profanities!
6. Fed the kids... Yes, it was visible cow pie and steamed veg, (at least I can tick one box on my plan)
7. Put babies to bed, where they didn't stay. ('We're hungry, can we have water, can you look at my toe, what time is Daddy home?.....')
8. Get phone call from hubby saying he would be v. late... (sigh)
9. Had a gin and tonic; a big one!


  1. oh, poor you, you have my sympathy. It's awful when you've planned everything so well and it just doesn't come together! (that's usually when I hit the wine and chocolate {g])

  2. Big Mamma frog: At least the gin and tonic was nice!

  3. God....glad my house isn't the only one in perma-chaos.....the Pampered Chef might have been a lucky escape though!! ;)


  4. Oh lordy, a day in the life! LOL!

    Mercy for booze, eh...

    (what on earth is a cow pie? here, it means... the poop in the field... lol!)

  5. Best laid plans indeed! You have my sympathies but as you said at least the G&T was nice.

  6. Rachel Nixon: ... I 'spose the upside is I didn't spend money!

    Technodoll: Oh yes, Mister Booze, thank the heavans. I call these pies (from a farm shop in Oxfordshire) Cow Pie because they are so filled with enormous chunks of steak it's as if they don't actually butcher the meat, sticking the entire cow into the full butter and lard shortbread pastry. Slimming? ....... SLIMMING? ha ha, nahhhh!

    Cow Pie also means cow pat here too! Hadn't thought of that, we're not THAT poor..... yet!

    James: Thank you. v kind. Did you see the nice write up 'Cross the Pond gave you?


  7. Well despite the deviation from the plan, at LEAST the day ended with a G&T. I mean there is SOME relief to it all! Mmmm g&t.

    I'm having my homemade frozen margaritas this weekend in a sort of joint Canada Day/July 4th bonanaza. Any excuse I say. Plus when you live/work on both sides of the border, hey. You're allowed to drink twice as much.

    It IS a law!

  8. At least you tried. Sounds like somebody owes you one.
    Hope the G&T was drunk in a nice bubble bath with a good book and a bit of peace and quiet.

  9. Sigh! Poor you. Hope the gin and tonic did the trick!


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