Monday 5 July 2010


.....Previously on the east wing of the house..(sorry I shamefully love The West Wing)..... dusk was fast approaching and the two white hens were being a pain, acting like a couple of bulldog Bri'ish doormen standing in the doorway of the coop!

'Sorry, if yer not on the list, yer not comin' in!'

Clearly the 6 new girls, looking a bit shabby rather than top totty, weren't on the 'A' list! Bit of a cheek really as all my hens looked shabby at one time, all having been rescued from battery farms. I viewed the scene from the office. Furious, I grabbed the torch and headed off to the little stone cottage's attic to search out the cat carrier.

Back to the coop with the carrier, I snatched up the two beastly hens and shoved them in the carrier for a 'time out.' Life suddenly got calmer.

Back in the office I watched to see if the new hens would enter the coop unaided. No bloody chance! Why, oh why did husband decide to visit Poland today!!! Deep breath...

I went back outside and herded, chased, cajoled chickens into bed alongside their adversaries. By now it was pitch dark. Four of the six were shoved through the door, the fifth was spied in the Rhododendron tree. I'm scratched to buggery, but I got her and popped her into safety too. Phew!

But, one girl is missing. I've searched everywhere. I know she's secreted herself in a bush or tree but I can't find her and at almost 11:30pm, having searched for almost 2 hours, I have to go to bed!

Next episode tomorrow, when we see if she has survived the night. Poor girl, I'm going to worry now, fingers crossed for her.

Night, night, speed the morning please.


  1. Try to see that you've done all you can for the old girl. I'll keep my fingers crossed in my time zone while you get some rest in yours. By the way I'm a West Wing fan also.

  2. James: The 'fingers crossed' worked. Thanks.


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Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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