Wednesday 23 February 2011

Giveaway...Follow ME!

On Friday I will pop all the names of my Followers.... (Come to think of it, are you on the list?....The one to the right of this text............ see it? Well if not sign up please...Click the Follow button and add yourself to the crowd. Don't be shy!)

Anyhoo I'll put all the names into a hat in order to draw out just 5 Followers who will be sent a copy of the marvelous book Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell... all thanks to World Book Night.

Good luck, one and all.


  1. Hi Lou,

    I've been reading your blog from start to current over the past couple of weeks and have loved it. Your writing is full of humor and heart and I've enjoyed it all.

    In many ways you're living the life I've envisioned for myself in the coming phase of my life...after I finish the PhD I'm working on, which should be in a year or two. Then it's off to a small farm someplace not yet determined with the kids and the grands, where I will write, teach, garden and keep chickens and maybe a cow and a couple of ponies.

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  2. annrpharrison: Wow, that one of the nicest comments I've ever had. It's funny because I too read the blog (to remind myself of the progress we're making) and I have to pinch myself that this is our life.

    I wish you all the best and if I can ever be of help with advice on what to do/not to do, please ask.


  3. You sound very organised. Cooking things, doing chicken things, gardening AND reading books? You'll be telling us you write them too next! And all with a phone, a remote control and an i-pod stuffed in your bra. Respect.

    It takes me about a year to read a book. And then I can't remember if I finished it or not when I find it under the bed 2 months later.

  4. Yay! i never win anything but i thought to comment anyways cuz the book looks cool :-D


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