Wednesday 9 February 2011

Hot Pants..

The Weight Watchers diet is going well. Bananas are zero points don't you know?....Never eaten so many in my life, probably die of a potassium overdose, but at least I'll fit in the coffin.

The love of my life has just passed away.... no, not him! My jeans; the ones with the sparkles on the back pockets highlighting my bottom (....probably not a good thing in hindsight.) My trusty jeans; that I moved to The Larches in and pulled down trees with and dug and chopped and chickened in.

The holes had become rude, yet I just couldn't wean myself away from the soft blue denim-ness of them.... so..... I folded them and placed them gently in the log burner, laying kindling about them. Then I had a cremation, not a swimming pool in sight. 

I'm really toasty now and yes, thank you for asking, I AM wearing another pair of jeans...('though not as special,' she whispered, so's not to offend the current pair.)


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  1. I am still sniggering about your jeans being lovingly cremated. Bonkers, yes ; ) Hilarious? Even bigger yes!.


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Lou - Chicken whisperer....

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