Monday 28 February 2011

Weekend and some winners......

'Twas a strange weekend really. Bit bitty.

The 8yo is being eased into Saturday morning school, a standard in many schools up and down the country. So now, some weekends feature a school run. This is in advance of the Summer Term, when Saturday school will become a permanent fixture. The morning's lessons are are then followed by an afternoon of inter-school sports....... I shall exist on picnics for ever more, yay!

It's a change for all of us, Saturday used to mean a gentle awakening, at five past dawn instead of dawn... (the 6yo has always been incapable of sleeping in!).. followed by a yummy, yet unhealthy breakfast. Now it is just like the rest of the week.... they say a change is as good as a rest!!! but soon it will be the norm.

Once my lovely lamb is physically there she's fine and girly sleepovers on Friday night, where a similarly convicted 8yo joins us or our girl sleeps elsewhere, means there is an element of fun injected into proceedings.

Anyhoo she was soon back home for Saturday lunch and quickly changed into jeans and a sweater to join her brother in the pallate-constructed den. It is a marvelous place to brew up hideous potions of mud and pilfered stuff from the compost heap. I really shouldn't have read George's Marvelous Medicine to them! Yuk!


Of course, on Friday I duly put all the names of my gorgeous followers in hubby's hat in order to pull out 5 names for the World Book Night Competition. Therefore it is will great drum roll I announce that the winners were: 

Congratulations all!

Winners only please send me your postal address address to and I will gladly supply Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Enjoy.


  1. OOOHHHHHH goody goody I love winning things. I am SO shameless! Thank you.

  2. Hi Lou! Gosh, thanks so much for this! I have never ever won anything from blog contests. This is my first ever! So I'm over the moon! LOL! I will e-mail you ASAP. My apologies for not being able to read your latest posts...I have been busy and gosh I am so behind! I'm so looking forward to receiving the book and I cannot thank you enough, here's a hug! :)

  3. wow. i never win! yea ... thanks, Lou. so sweet of you.

    and, btw, you're the only one that guessed the line from breakfast at tiffany's. nicely done, you.


  4. I think it must be a pretty awesome day when you log into your blog to discover you've won a book that's on your list to read!! How very very lovely of you Lou!

    Thank you very much!!

  5. Saturday morning school...ugh...

    My kids moan like mad at having to attend Open Day on a Saturday and that's only once a year!


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