Wednesday 9 February 2011

Good Grub...Crispy Bacon Cabbage...

Inspired by a competition on the blog I made the mid-week dinner with a little more care and attention than I might usually.

It is fair to say that the sproglets arrive at the table hungry in this house. We don't have a snack after school, as they don't finish till 5:30pm so dinner needs to be delivered prompt when we get in at 6pm. My trusty oven is generally on timer during the week and last night was no exception.

Having locked up the flock of chickens and transported Archie, the baby rooster, and his two adopted sisters to their protected coop, we entered the house. The aroma of crispy seasoned chicken thighs (sorry chickens!) greeted cold noses. The chicken thighs were surrounded by chunky potato wedges and garlic both of which we grew ourselves last season and harvested last July.

Everything was cooked and the oven was off, all I needed to do was cook the cabbage.

I put on the water to boil in my 2 tier steamer and put on the lid. Next I heated a wide non-stick frying pan and when the pan was hot I placed 6 slices of parma ham on to cook, adding a little olive oil. By now the steamer was almost ready and so, taking a lovely fresh Savoy cabbage I halved it and removed the stalk and then cut centimetre strips from the rest watching the ham so it didn't burn.

After rinsing the cabbage under cold water I added it to the steamer trays, no salt required. Timer on for 8 minutes.

By now the parma ham was lovely and crispy on both sides and was cooling on some kitchen roll. While I waited for the cabbage to cook I chopped the ham into little pieces and added a knob of butter to the pan juices. I emptied the softened savoy onto a pretty bowl and poured over a couple of tablespoons of the pan juices and then sprinkled over the ham.

Personally I could have had the cabbage as a main course, especially helpful to my Weight Watchers diet but at least I resisted the crispy chicken skin which the sproglets divided!

Try it. It was a delicious dinner.


  1. I like the sound of that. I have all the ingredients in the fridge, so I'll give it a go tonight.

  2. sounds excellent, especially from your description of you and the sproglets coming in from the cold being greeted by warmth and a bounteous table spread! thanks for the visit and follow. i'm looking forward to reading your adventures at the Larches!

  3. If I swim fast I could be there in a week, pencil me in for next Thursday night. It sounds so gooood!

  4. Oh that sounds divine!

    I love having pan roasted cabbage as a side dish for a meat dinner...

    Just melt some butter in a nonstick pan or pot, add cabbage sliced or chopped as you like and sprinkle with a bit of salt.

    Cook, uncovered, stirring frequently for about 8 to 10 minutes.

    Done, and delicious! :)

  5. Sounds yummy but I'm a cabbage lover!

  6. It does sound yummy, so I have just been to the competition site and voted for you - hope you win :D

  7. legend in his own lunchtime: How brill, I hope you did make it. xx

    Jg. for FatScribe: Welcome aboard Jg. (Fab title - I must investigate your site further, what's the significance of the blog name? I like it)

    James: I'll lay a place for you at dinner this Thurs and also I'll set out a bath towel on a chair nearest the fire in case you're chilly from the swim. Should make you hundry though!

    Technodoll: Gosh! You should enter the comptition too. Yummy food from you too! We're clever girls aren't we? (she said smugly)

    Martha: Yummy AND good for you. Not many things can lay claim to that!

    AKG Emma: Cor thank you for the vote.


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