Sunday 25 April 2010

7 sentences I thought I'd never (have to) say

1. Get that dead mole off the kitchen table!
2. No, you may not have a real gun yet. (To husband!)
3. Take that Shetland out of my garden!
4. Take that bloody Shetland out of the kitchen!!!....(Can you see a theme here?)
5. Please get the chickens out of the car.
6. I'm too tired for wine...
7. I might actually vote Lib Dem.......
8. Doesn't that Poo smell lovely?.....

Please let me know your unmentionable sentences.....


  1. 8. To the fields for re-education..

    Your channeling Chairman MOM..not MAO LOL!

  2. Ha, ha ha, you sound like my old man regarding the Lib Dem and he is a farmers son, so it is so strange hearing him say it!

  3. Laughing hysterically as usual. I cannot believe I said, 'ack, I don't feel like shopping. I don't need anything.' We haven't the space so London has officially killed my love of shopping.I only buy wine now.

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  5. Natural Selection/Chairman Mom: thats how I govern here at Chez Arches. You're only allowed back in the house if you're very, very dirty and have eaten hedgerow food!
    The MadHouse: I wonder if Lib Dem qualifies as a swear word?! 'Oh LIB DEM I've stubbed by LIB DEM toe!'...yes, that works.
    'Cross The Pond: A love of shopping MUST be rekindled...why don't you only allow yourself to buy really really small diamonds?


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