Wednesday 21 April 2010

An Award, por moi......

I won a Sunshine Award from 'Cross the Pond. I'm really chuffed and would dearly love to say thanks in the stylee of Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakespeare in Love....Do you remember? OMG it was BAD! Lots of tears and perfect make-up...arghhhhh

Anyhow to stay true...(I'm in a pink ball gown right now clutching a candlestick - closest looking thing to an Oscar in this house!)...there are some rules that go along with accepting this award (there's always a catch!):

1. Nominate 12 bloggers. (Ok)
2. Put the award logo onto your sidebar or within a post. (Check)
3. Link the nominees within your post. (Will do below)
4. Let the nominees know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog. (Okey-dokey)
5. Share the love and link the sidebar logo to the person from whom you’ve received this award. (Not entirely sure what this means but I do love you big time 'Cross the Pond)

So, in no particular order I would love to nominate some wonderful bloggers that inspire me to write but more importantly to READ. I have nominated them all for their writing skills and in fact there are even more recommendations on my blog but I could only nominate 12!!:
1. Tattie Weasle Honest and very funny...
2. Smiffy's Blog Feel like we're chatting in the kitchen....
3. A Hungry Bear Won't Dance Wow this girl is a genius with food and words....
4. How I Like My Coffee She speaks my thoughts, very funny....
5. Not Waving But Ironing Absolutely hilarious...if I'm a bit down I sneak to her site for a pick-me-up...
6. Madame Smoking Gun at Scene of the Crime Another one for laughs and superb one liners....
7. Ladybird World Mother True life but funnier...v good
8. Natural Selection Beautiful writing STUNNING food and easy to follow recipes that are seriously upmarket...Michelin Stars from me
9. Brenda at Giving My Family a Break The love of my life and my first ever follower...a really good family read
10. Stickhead at Slightly South of Sanity Very, very funny .... she's made me laugh out loud lots of times
11. Diary of a Desperate Exmoor Woman Foodie with attitude,really good writer
12. The Mads at The MadHouse Adorable mum hugely honest and big time crafty (As in good at craft) I use her and abuse her ideas to entertain my children....

So I think it's clear that I like laughing and eating and I particularly like it when the two happen at the same time (even if it's not too pretty.) Phew! Can I go now? Off to edit my children's book....All keep your fingers crossed please for a book deal this year....


  1. I am thrilled that you have won a Sunshine award, and flattered and honored to have been nominated by you for the same! Wow. Thank you very much! I'm your latest follower, and look forward to reading more here...

  2. When you said you didn't have a speech prepared I immediately thought of Gwyneth. And here you are emulating her!!! See - more sunshine!

  3. Awww, thank you! My blog is in immanent danger of imploding on May 1st - but if it doesn't I shall wear with pride. Some of my all-time faves on your list too - the wondrous Tattie and Ladybird World Mother. Shall have to investigate the others too!

  4. Congrats on your award! You deserve it!

    (And I'm not just saying that because I made #9 on your list of nominees either.)

  5. Big blushing gushings! But now I have even MORE blogs to investigate! I'll never see my bed again.........

  6. Shucks, I'm blushing too. (Also feeling pressure to be hilarious in next post. Better dump 'My top 10 favourite biscuits' in favour of something else.) Well deserved award. BTW, tell us more about the book!

  7. Thanks for the award Lou, it's very kind of you to think of me. Good luck with the tads! Sue x


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