Friday 25 June 2010

Fitness for Writers...

All day I sit and write. Even in the good weather I'm fairly disciplined, writing Monday to Friday. Sad ass, I know but I'm also conscious that the sproglet's Summer Holidays will soon be upon us and I will struggle to concentrate.

Last night I lay on the 7yo's bed and we had a little chat. It's difficult to understand her when she's tired and sucking her thumb. However, her brain still operates very efficiently thank you.

'Why have you got these?' She fingered the skin below my eyes and I could only imagine the dark suitcases of tired that were hanging there!

'What do you mean? Describe what you see.' Probably shouldn't have done THAT!

'Sort of, ermm, creased triangles hanging down that are, ermmm, sort of grey.'

It was an accurate portrayal, delivered without agenda.

'Well I think I'm very tired and also I've not been out in the fresh air these past weeks. I've just been in the office, working. I probably need to get out in the fields and exercise and get a bit fit again. I don't do enough when I'm writing.'

'Hmmmm.' The 7yo considered this as she continued to suck her thumb and stroke her favoured Bed-Bear's silky label.

'I know,' she said. 'All writers should have pedals attached to their computer, and unless they pedal, their computers won't work.'

Genius. Writers; creating their own electricity (not just gas) AND getting fit.... now there's an idea....

Later I searched to see if such a device even existed. Is the Pope Catholic/catholic? ... (another blog post entirely).... Yikes! I found a sort-of solution in Bloggyland! The Treadmill Desk... ... they just need to add the 'create-your-own-electricity' bit and then I can see it flying off the QVC shelves.


  1. Your blog, your style, your countrylife, your feelings & your lovely house.... just two words..... ME LIKE!!!
    Thank you for nice comments on my blog!!


  2. Oh, dear - I share your sedentary lifestyle. I read in the paper this week that for every hour you watch TV, you're x per cent* more likely to have a heart attack. And when I totted up how long I sit in front of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' and 'Cougar Town' on Sky+, I concluded I should basically be dead. Patent that foot-pedal computer now!
    * Can't remember the exact figure, but it was SCARY.

  3. Oh dear, I wish I could have your discipline. If there was no such thing as Facebook and Blogger I'd be further than Chapter 10!

  4. PS. Must have accidentally clicked on the MixPod Link. I thought Leona Lewis had taken over my computer!

  5. Ohmigosh, she's soooo cuuuute! And you write beautifully so it was like being there...

    ps: they have toys here which is a stationary, interactive bike that young children have to pedal so they can see the screen and do video games!

  6. Agneta: You are so kind. Thank you. Just wish my photos were as good as the ones on your blog! xx

    Notwavingutironing: I do rather fancy an eco computer with fancy foot pedal (must have electicity option when one can't be arsed!)

    Previously (Very) Lost in France: I agree, but I'm very single minded and have patience of my cats who can sit at a rabbit hole ALL DAY just for one tiny rabbit.... that is my approach to searching for the perfect literary agent...soon I hope, soon.

    Leona does have a tendancy to dominate... I've spoken to her about it but she just sticks her fingers in her ears, so rude!

    Technodoll: She IS really cute and generaly placid and kind... I'm keeping her.

  7. Haha, what a wonderful idea! I could train for a marathon at my desk. I need to take some inspiration from your determindley steadfast writing discipline as well...I certainly need some!

    Geoff ;)


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