Saturday, 5 June 2010

Food Glorious Food!

Yum, yum, yum....

Antoinette Savill's dinner party was fantastic. Her house is a stunning barn conversion, set in a farm just outside Ludlow.

It was still warm, so we all chatted over Champagne in the garden.

Brought to a round table, we began the feast with Wild Garlic Soup. It was delicate and refreshing - the garlic had been picked in the woods locally. The main course and my husband's absolute favourite, was poached salmon and seasonal veg. Later, he confessed that he wished he'd asked for more! Then followed individual lavender pavlova, home-made ice cream and rhubarb. I really loved the pavlova, I may even attempt that myself! We closed with some delectable cheese.

I'm a fan of vodka, so Antoinette let me taste her home made damson vodka ....stunning; sweet and fruity, thank goodness we only had time for a little taste or I may have over-indulged! I now know who to ask for advice, as The Larches is rife with fruits. I see me making some pretty impressive Christmas pressies this year....and far easier than chutney!

The guests were charming, intelligent and artistic. (not sure whether I fall into one of those categories...) They hailed from London, my old stomping ground. In a previous life,.... so very long ago,...sigh..... I had lived in Battersea. We always pronounced it Batt-er-see-ah, to big up its status. Renowned for its power station, it is a pretty enclave 'south of the river.' It is most certainly south of the finery of Sloan Square and the hallowed King's Road, which boasts the store, Peter Jones!

'Oh lovely,' quipped a guest, 'you lived in South Chelsea.'

Earlier that day Antoinette had discovered a puff-ball mushroom, in the woods. It was the size of your head, I kid you not! Although we had to rush home to allow the babysitter to escape, Antoinette's overnight guests are sure to get an amazing breakfast this morning...

And so, with our tummies full we left them quaffing and headed home to the babies. What a lovely evening.

The Archers at The Larches

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Lou - Chicken whisperer....

Snowy and Moon

Snowy and Moon