Tuesday 29 June 2010

Toilet Brush Mystery ......

For some weeks, some would say years I have been somewhat preoccupied. (yes hubby, I am taking to you..) Lots of things in my brain jiggling about, planning, renovating, writing, tutoring, befriending, entrepreneuring ...Not a real word you say? Then how come I've been doing it?

When my brain gets overloaded, new information and ideas still arrive, pushing into my noggin through my eyes and ears, unfortunately other older more useless stuff gets pushed out to make room for the new stuff. I can only presume there is a tiny hole at the back of my head, but I'm too busy to look.

Trivial things seem to filter straight through, never remaining in my head for more than a few seconds. Tonight hubby phoned to say he'd be late;

'Could you record the football please?' he asked.

'Sure.' said I.

I put the phone down and 'ting,' the request fell out of my brain and I got on with the immediately important stuff; dinner for the kids, their home work and lots of walking around the trashed house and gardens saying 'Right,' as if that would magically sort out the devastation. Only when the 7yo read her book for school - a book about a daddy - did my back-up brain kick in, and I shot off to press R on the remote!

.....This inability to function properly is the reason I haven't been able to solve the toilet brush mystery before today....

Our downstairs loo is rather frugal, fairly roomy, but frugal, (and that's being kind.) Beside the toilet, I've placed a huge flowerpot housing Finn McCool's (Fionn mac Cumhail's) loo brush. It's not that we do excessively large number twos in this family, its just that when we first arrived to the house, the cleaning jobs required industrial strength tools. I bought a massive cleaning brush that looks like a fat hedgehog on a pole; length and girth. Impressive eh?

Now for weeks, every.single.darn.time I go into that loo, the toilet brush is out of the flower pot and lying on the floor. It first started when we had guests, I'd assumed one of them had forgotten to replace it, but after the third and forth time of finding it on the floor I was wondering what the heck was going on.

Sadly, every time I left the loo, the info pertaining to the loo brush incident fell out of my brain, a consequence of being hounded as a mummy....

'Can you push me on the swing?'

'Can I have a drink?'

'Can you help me catch the neighbours sheep that are in our field?' (that was tonight!!)

'They' loiter outside the loo, waiting to acost me. I can't even have two minutes to wee....

After our guests left and the bog brush still kept escaping its pot, I assumed the children, bored during protracted movements, were messing with it. I never remembered to ask them about it: Brainless!

Anyhoo, mystery solved, euwwww, yuck, disgusting. Tabby attacks the brush, claws out, viscious, clearly he thinks it looks like a hedgehog too...

This is NOT a good week for the cats; pigeon murdering and now this!
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  1. Aaaaargh! Cats. You have to love them. Despite their...quirks. If they're not chewing your loo brush they're happily dragging your unlaundered underwear around the house like a pet. I mean really. EW!

  2. urggggg, that acutally made me feel sick

  3. THe Vegetable Assassin: They'd just better leave my pants alone!

    TheMadHouse: So sorry to offend. Have a lie down sweetie. xx

    'Cross the Pond: Ghost would have been preferable!

  4. mmmm! fresh kitty breath for the kissies! LOL!

  5. Eewww indeed. Perhaps when said cats are licking you next in affection it might make you think differently!!! Very funny tho made me giggle. Tania xxx

  6. I think this would make an excellent title for a children's book. ;)


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