Wednesday 16 June 2010

Tagged! The Interrogation

Ooooo! I've been tagged by the delectable Erin at 'Cross the Pond. I love reading Erin's blog: Being born a Londoner, (St John's Wood, sweetie,) I'm interested to see London through her NYC eyes, as she settles into her new home with hubby and babies.

Erin's interrogating 5 bloggers and although I'm uncomfortable being interviewed, I'm sure it will be good practise for my upcoming interviews with J Ross, J Leno and D Dimbleby when my books are bestsellers, (one can dream.) Here I go..... bound, but not gagged....


1. Why blog?
'I started The Archers at The Larches for two reasons, first to document our new life and second, I use it as a warm up exercise before I write the 'real' stuff. I've written a children's book - Greystone School, First Freedom, one book in a series of six and I also have drafts of two adult novels... Fingers crossed please!'

2. Do you have to write or want to write?
'Have to write.... or I'd go do-lally. Mind you, if I don't earn a living at it soon, the husband will send me out cleaning!!! ....Can't even clean my own pad actually!'

3. Sweet or savoury?
'Savoury for sure... used to work on the deli in Sainsbury's when I was at University. (I won't tell you which one for fear of prosecution!) But suffice to say, I used to eat more than I sold: It was for the good of the customers! How else would I be able to advise them? On a Friday night, a girl called Bethan used to work on the counter with me. She could get a full Scotch Egg in her mouth AND CHEW! They are the size of a baseball!! Bloody impressive.'

4. If you could have coffee with just one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
'Nelson Mandela. No contest really, what a dude. He's cool, principled and wot a line in shirts!!'

5. Toilet paper roll: over or under?
'Couldn't care less, provided that it is the cheapest nastiest stuff. Value brand please. This is because we have a septic tank that takes all poo, wee, washing up water and breaks it down, distributing it to the fields. Posh paper clogs it up!'

6. Do you enjoy cooking or prefer being cooked for?
'I do love cooking but sometimes family dinner, every single night, gets a bit laborious, especially as I usually cook from scratch - not a fan of prepared /processed food. I love making a rod for my own back! Hubby does a mean BBQ and would happily cook every night if the weather was good. I pray for good weather.'

7. Beach or Mountains/lake?
'Mountains/Lake. You can fish, swim, hike, camp, check out fauna, flora... On the beach people keep throwing buckets of water over me before trying to tow me out to sea, back to my pod!'

8. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie/TV?
'A book any day; although I do love gardening programmes.'

9. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
'My utter surprise that everyone in the universe isn't nice. I always assume people are kind, friendly and trustworthy and mostly I'm right (thank goodness) but others are just putting on a show! I'm more a WYSIWYG!'

10. Where on earth would you visit if money and time was no issue?
'The Galapagos Islands or Belize. Actually if money was no issue, I'd buy The Galapagos Islands or Belize and only really nice, kind people would be allowed to live there... conservationists .... like Chris Packham, phwoor!!!

So, having done my homework, I'm tagging 5 more unsuspecting bloggers with my questions (*Some questions I may have nicked from Erin!)

To respond to such a tag may not be their cup-of-tea, I've tagged them purely for their own wonderful writing styles and suggest you take a look. My blogging victims are:

Their Questions are:
1. Snog, Marry, Avoid: (this exam question relates either to David Cameron or President Obama?)
2. What's the worst Christmas present you've ever received?
3. Describe the worst public toilets you've ever visited.
4. What is the food you most dislike and why?
5. Do you prefer the curtains/windows open or shut when you sleep?
6. How competitive are you?
7. What's the best wedding or birthday party you've attended?
8. What's the best chat-up line you've ever heard/used?
9. What's better, a bath or a shower?
10.How superstitious are you?


  1. Lou, that was awesome. I was tagged by Cross the Pond as well, but I feel like giving up am I going to beat your effort....sheesh!! And bloody heck!

  2. Hey stopit, my head's a-swellin'

  3. enjoyed that.
    With you on lots of them - the gullible / people are basically nice thing. How many times do you have to have your fingers burnt!
    Never going to Sainsburys again!
    Cleaning, aaargh.
    Camping, though, more aargh!
    Am bad at tags because I tend to mull over what I might put. And then sort of missing the boat and being too slow to get it out. But I really appreciate being asked and am in good company! Thank you!

  4. It's ok about the tagging....

    BTW I've left Sainsbury's now and I'm sure they probably fired Bethan, or she could have choked behind the counter. Feel free to frequent again!

  5. Lou - love your answers. Always a hoot as I knew you would be! Thanks for the kind words about my blog. - Erin

  6. very entertaining Lou, I'm not sure about the loo roll though.............

  7. Just been catching up here Lou and have read all your brilliant blogs I missed, I have been busy of late. Thank you for your visits to me and kind words.

  8. Hey, someone else who loves cooking! When I tell people that I love to cook, they look at me like I'm insane or something.

  9. Ohhh I love the music & I love to read your blog... yes yes it's something with your feeling!!


  10. 'Cross the Pond: Thanks, rather cathartic actually.

    justherdingcats: Cheap loo roll vs digging out a cesspit ... no brainer really!

    Cait O'Connor: Thanks for reading. I'm attempting to read other people's blogs from the older posts to present day,..... I may be some time but v interesting.

    Brenda: 'Us? Mad? What ARE they on about?' Lou said, she was dressed in a blue smock with gravy stains down the front, around her feet purred 100 mangy cats.......

    Agneta: OO thanks. I adore YOUR site and that where I found the cool music player thingy. Your site photos are stunning. Thank you.


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