Monday 3 May 2010

The Cousins and the Competition

So artistic, so creative, so inspiring.....the first prize goes to....

It's a difficult situation choosing a winner, numero uno, 'specially where sproglets are concerned. One doesn't need the participants to break down and weep, having enjoyed the process. Aged 8,7 and 5 they need to be congratulated on their results. For that reason I'm pleased to announce (and for a myriad of artistic merit...) that.....wait for it.....tense music....Simon Cowell looking smug......Ryan Seac....Oh for goodness sake, get on with it!!!

ALL THE COUSINS ARE WINNERS for their beautiful shirt designs and for the amazing fact that they were oh-so-quiet for well over an hour!!! Here's the prize money, £1.50 each. Invest it wisely....possibly with Nick Clegg who's doing awfully well...bless...

If you'd like to create this activity, she said in her best British BBC Blue Peter voice.... then:

1. Take 4 loud children
2. Make them plan their design on a piece of paper (this focuses their minds and stretches the activity out)
3. Give them old white school shirts
4. Trust them with scissors (or get involved BUT NOT AS CREATIVE DIRECTOR. OK!?)
5. Give them fabric pens - after you've covered up grandma's table that is.
6. Judge the results



  1. Great idea for when the mini's are a little bigger

  2. Arches at the larches "couture"!

    I knew you were holding back on something! those beautiful shirts are going for £200 each easily discount for Natural Selection of course.
    I'll be looking for the runway show (seriously)
    just joking the photo is too cute!

  3. Larches Couture.....good've just given me divine inspiration for a blog post, although I'll have to denigrate myself in the process..

  4. They look great, so creative, I couldn't do that.

    And the prize for you was that they were quiet for over an hour, LOL!


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