Friday 21 May 2010


I got rid of loads this week. My car was bulging. I drew up outside a (nameless for fear of recrimination) charity shop and started unloading. It wasn't rubbish I hasten to add, it was all serviceable, clean, washed....possibly not ironed, as I'm not that charitable!

An 80yo Nazi met me at the door. Perfumed, with an inordinate amount of slap on her face. She may have been off to an evening performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert later. Her pink shoes and dark brown support stockings were v. Mrs Bucket!. I was duly interrogated...

'Are there electricals in there,' she pointed a bejewelled finger at the bin bags..

'Err, no, I,I,I,...don't think so.' I racked my brains but couldn't remember stuffing the toaster in the bags...

Passing this test, I tried to enter the shop. No chance.

'We're not taking underwear now.'

'None in these bags,' I lied. I really don't think Ben Ten pants count!

I tried again, wondering if my car on the double yellow lines was being towed away......

'Any collectables; Jewellery, rare signed books, china?' She demanded.

'Don't you take those?' I asked, incredulous.

'No, we want those sorts of items.'

I don't think saying 'Yes, I think so,' was so wrong in this instance, one little lie and I was off, bin bag free. D'ya know, she didn't even say thank you!


  1. Ooh they're devils these charity shop girls ever since Mary Porter got involved! Still she could have said thank you.

  2. You obviously have a better class of charity shop Mrs

  3. How rude! Judging by her description - does she keep the valuables for herself? Hope you did leave knickers in the bag - that'll fix her!

  4. Not long ago we were invited to a 'question and answer' evening at a local church hosted by Evan Davies. We were the youngest there by about 40 years which was oddly pleasing.

    Several of us asked essentially polite, mildly probing questions. The older members of the audience gave him HELL ! They were fierce ! Well done on the household cull though, I'm just starting mine.....

  5. I've been ushered out of shops by the Blue-rinsed Meanies before with a 'We can't possibly take any more. Go on. Off with you.' Without even seeing what treasures lay inside my bin-liners. I'm too rural now to wait for the bag-drops and van pick-ups, hence I have a house full of knobbly bin-liners playing tell-tale electronic tunes. Of course as soon as I do manage to drag one off to a new life I get...'Mum, I can't find my new .........' (fill in the blank) 'Where did you last see it?' 'Well, I think I saw it on that pile of bags you had.....'

  6. Cor, getting a bit choosy aren't they! Sue x

  7. Tattie: That Blue rinse brigade are scary!
    The MadHouse: Yes, we're well posh 'ere!
    'Cross The Pond: Am packing bin bags today with my full washing basket....easier than putting a wash on!
    Belgravia wife: House hold cull eh?....Do they take children I wonder.....
    MadameSmokinGun: Got into big trouble for throwing out some rubbish batmobile thing! Please read if you have time/energy etc..
    Smiffy: .... hmmmm...beggers shouldn't be, should they?!!


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